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Guy Tells President Obama To Back Up Off His Girl! [VIDEO]

President Obama hit the polls to cast his vote for the 2014 midterm elections but one jealous boyfriend made sure that Obama kept his hands to himself while his girlfriend was in the next booth! See the hilarious video!

102.5 KSFM–10/21/2014

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Sixth-Grader Tells President Obama She’d Rather Meet Beyonce

A sixth-grader in Washington, D.C., whose class was told they’d get to participate in a volunteer service project Thursday alongside somebody famous, was disappointed when it turned out to be President Obama–and she told him […]

102.5 KSFM–09/15/2014

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President Obama Visits Student Who Wished for Beyoncé Instead

Maybe one day, Madison will get to live in a world where Beyoncé is president.



Barack Obama Sings/Lip Dubs Iggy Azalea’s ‘Fancy’ [VIDEO]

President Obama is back! LOL! This time he’s taking on Iggy Azalea’s hit ‘Fancy’! Check out the lip dub video…

102.5 KSFM–08/06/2014

Malia Obama

Malia Obama Went to Lollapalooza, Takes Selfie, As Teens Do

No word on if Barack plans on attending once his presidency is complete.



Watch Barack Obama Up In The Gym, Workin On His Fitness [VIDEO]

President Obama hit the gym at a hotel in Warsaw, Poland and somebody filmed him working out! Check out the President in a track suit, head phones on and getting his work out on!

102.5 KSFM–06/04/2014

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Barack Obama, Justin Timberlake: It’s Gonna Be May [PIC]

LOL! Whoever is running President Obama’s Facebook has got a great sense of humor! See the pic they posted of Obama with Justin Timberlake to kick off the month of May!

102.5 KSFM–05/01/2014

(Miguel Medina/AFP/Getty Images)

The White House Will Not Be Deporting Justin Bieber :(

Remember the petition that was started online urging the United States government to revoke Justin Bieber’s green card and deport him back to Canada? While the petition has over 270K signatures, it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. See what the White House said in a statement…

102.5 KSFM–04/19/2014

Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for DuJour Magazine

The Celebrities That Said “No” To Going To Kim And Kanye’s Wedding

We all heard that Jay Z and Beyonce said no to going to Kim and Kanye’s upcoming wedding, but there’s a list of huge names that got invited… and also declined! See who said no…

102.5 KSFM–04/02/2014

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Watch Adorable Kids Dressed Up As Heroes Of Black History: Cosby, Janelle Monae, And More!

To today’s kids, the pioneers of black history can seem like ancient history, figures represented in faded black-and-white photos in musty text books. How can that history and its impact be brought to life? The […]

102.5 KSFM–02/19/2014


Barack Obama Gets To Watch TV Shows Before We Do

Being President Of The United States of America sure has its perks- and one of those is NOT having to wait to see what happens next on your favorite TV show! Mr. President gets to see his favorite shows before all of the rest of us!

102.5 KSFM–02/18/2014

Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

Online Petition To STOP George Zimmerman Fight

A petition has popped up online asking the White House to stop the upcoming boxing match between George Zimmerman and DMX! It says, in part: “No Promoter or Celebrity Boxer should ever be allowed to use racial tension to profit.” read more about it…

102.5 KSFM–02/06/2014

SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

‘Deport Justin Bieber & Revoke His Green Card’ Petition

Ten of thousands of people have signed an online petition asking the White House and President Obama to deport Justin Beiber AND to revoke his green card! Check out the petition…

102.5 KSFM–01/27/2014

(Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Katy Perry on Barack Obama: ‘I Might Have Won Wisconsin for Him’

Bruce Springsteen, Arcade Fire, Jay Z and Beyoncé all stumped for President Obama in the 2012 election. But it’s Katy Perry who is really the reason Obama was able to bring change to America.


(Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

Kris Jenner Tries To Tell The President Off For Comments He Made About Kim And Kanye [Video]

Now there are many reasons we can all be mad at President Obama, but the main reason Kris Jenner is upset with the President of the United States is because he made a comment about […]

102.5 KSFM–08/12/2013



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