Guy Smuggles Booze Into Music FestivalThis guy was really thinking outside the box when he tried to smuggle his booze in.
Binge Watching Just Got Boozier...Alcohol Infused Popcorn [Pic]British company Joe & Seph's has created boozy popcorn … and this stuff has actual booze in it.
Parents Let Teenager Drink Alcohol To 'Teach Him A Lesson' And He Died From Alcohol Poisoning [PICS]This is so sad. A couple is being charged with involuntary manslaughter after they tried to "teach a lesson" to their 16-year-old son by letting him drink booze and he died from alcohol poisoning! See what happened..
Wu Tang Beer Coming Soon
Women Would Rather Give Up Sex & Facebook Than Coffee
U.S. Pays $223.5 Billion A Year For Heavy Drinkers!Uh oh! It looks like when we go out and get crunk, it costs taxpayers a ton of money! All the factors: health care, lost productivity, crime and early death amount to hundreds of billions per year! See how much that breaks down to, per drink! It's crazy!

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