A Lucky Charms Milkshake Just Went on Sale at Burger King.A new LUCKY CHARMS milkshake just went on sale at Burger King.
Food Chains Are Using 4-20 References To Take Advantage Of 'Munchies' [Pics]These brands know that people will have the munchies today.
Burger King Introducing Whopper Flavored Tooth Paste.Mmmm, this sounds amazing. So tired of mint freshness.
Asking For 'Fries Extra Crispy' At Burger King Really Meant Something ElseTwo Burger King employees were arrested on January 21st due to selling 'Fries Extra Crispy.'
Napoleon Dynamite Reunion On Burger King Commercial [VIDEO]Nobody loves tots more than these guys.
Today Is National Sandwich Day! Find Out What Freebies & Deals You Can Get!Get the HOOK-UP today!
The "Whopperito" Coming To A Burger King Close To You Soon!The Whopperito will hit all Burger King restaurants nationwide August 15th and will cost $2.99.
Taco Bell Created a Cheetos Burrito [PIC]Taco Bell never fails to surprise us with delicious menu items!
Mac And Cheetos at Burger King [PIC]Find out where you can get this delicious treat!
Burger King Is Angry [PIC]The last thing you want is for your favorite fast food joint to be angry, or any place that's serving you food for that matter.
Burger King Introduces Hot Dogs To The Menu With The Help Of Snoop Dogg [VIDEO]
Burger King Rolled Out a New Seasonal Menu Item

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