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Katy Perry Suing Australian Tabloid

With all of the gossip sites and rag mags it seems that there is an epidemic of mis-information all in the sake of having a cover story.  Katie Holmes went after Star magazine regarding a […]


Katy Perry’s Grammy Performance Plan

With [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Lady Gaga[/lastfm] opening the Grammys, and performances from [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Eminem[/lastfm], [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Usher[/lastfm] and [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Justin Bieber[/lastfm] – even Katy Perry knows she really needs to bring it on February 13th!


[New Music] Bruno Mars Does Smooth Jazz Cover Of Katy Perry’s ‘California Gurls’

As devoted, perhaps even obsessive, fans of[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”] Bruno Mars'[/lastfm] singing/songwriting skills and as crazed admirers of [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Katy Perry[/lastfm]’s glam get-ups and tight gams, the power pairing of these pop stars seems like it […]


Katy Perry Says ‘California Gurls’ Was A Response To ‘Empire State Of Mind’…

“California Gurls” came out of a very simple place: as a response to [lastfm]Jay-Z[/lastfm] and [lastfm]Alicia Keys[/lastfm]’ massive hit “Empire State of Mind.” While “Empire” was incredibly New York, with a sweeping chorus and plenty […]


The Beach Boys are going after Katy Perry!

Uh-oh: A rep for The Beach Boys has threatened legal action against pop sensation [lastfm]Katy Perry[/lastfm] and West Coast rap star [lastfm]Snoop Dogg[/lastfm] for including their classic line “I Wish They All Could Be California […]


Katy Perry will NOT pose for Playboy

Sorry Guys (and Ladies — if you’re into that kind of thing): You’ll never see [lastfm]Katy Perry[/lastfm]’s ample bosom bare and uncovered in all its glory on the pages of Playboy. In a YouTube interview […]


Katy Perry Teenage Dream pictures

This week, [lastfm]Katy Perry[/lastfm] released three saucy new promo pictures ahead of the release of her forthcoming third album — Teenage Dream – premiering Aug. 24. The effort features the title track, which is currently […]


Katy Perry “Teenage Dream” Cover Art

We all know by now that [lastfm]Katy Perry[/lastfm] has a flair for the dramatics, but today the sassy singer took it to new heights as she livestreamed the cover art unveiling for her upcoming album […]


Kat DeLuna “California Gurls” Remix: “NYC Gurls”

LOL is all I can say! Do you think it tops [lastfm]Katy Perry[/lastfm]’s California Gurls?


Katy Perry gifts mom a Facelift

It pays to have pals with platinum albums and deep pockets: Pop star [lastfm]Katy Perry[/lastfm] has treated her mother to a facelift. We hear the “California Gurls” singer splashed out a fistful of dough on […]


Katy Perry Topless

[lastfm]Katy Perry[/lastfm] sports a bikini top that shoots whip cream in the new video for her summer anthem “California Gurls,” but the engaged singer appears to have misplaced it on the pages of the August […]


Katy Perry gets 17 Stitches

Pop singer [lastfm]Katy Perry[/lastfm] is nursing 17 stitches in her leg after she injured herself during a MuchMusic Video Awards Afterparty (MMVA) in Toronto, Canada over the weekend. Katy attended an exclusive club after the […]


Katy Perry’s ‘California Gurls’ Gummi Bears Are ‘Rude, Crude Imitations,’ Haribo Says

The badly behaving Gummi Bears featured in [lastfm]Katy Perry[/lastfm]’s “California Gurls” video have manufacturers of the candy saying: Those aren’t our bears! Despite the video’s cheery feel, it features two oversize Gummi Bears greeting Perry […]


Katy Perry Dishes On Whipped-Cream Bra In ‘California Gurls’ Video

[lastfm]Katy Perry[/lastfm] dons a very unique piece of clothing for her “California Gurls” video, which made its sugary-sweet debut on Tuesday. In addition to her bedazzled Daisy Dukes and cupcake bra, there’s one particular accessory […]