David Bowie Dead At 69Music ICON David Bowie passed away yesterday at the age of 69 after an 18 month battle with Cancer.
Diabetes Drug Metformin Could Slow Down Aging Process, Let Us Live 120+ Years!According to scientists, the diabetes drug metformin "could hold the secret of long life" and has the potential to slow down the aging process so people could start living past 120 years old! Get the story...
Lil Boosie Asks Fans to Pray For Him After Finding Out He Has Cancer
'Flip Or Flop' Host, Tarek, Diagnosed With Cancer By Nurse Watching His Show!Tarek El Moussa and his wife Christina host a show called "Flip Or Flop" on HGTV and during one episode, a nurse noticed something on his throat and wrote a letter that probably saved his life! See what happened...
J. Cole Visits Cancer Patient in the Hospital [PIC]
Man Dies Because His Tapeworm Had Cancer!What a weird story! This guy had a tapeworm that got cancer- and the tapeworm passed its cancer to the man! See what's up...
Fetty Wap Inspired 10-Year-Old Boy To Take Out His Own Fake Eye [PICS]A 10-year-old boy wore a prosthetic eye for his whole life, but that all changed when he saw Fetty Wap face the world with only one eye and become really successful. Fetty gave this kid the courage to do the same thing! Read more and see what Fetty said...
Fan Tries To Pull Taylor Swift Off Stage and Her Reaction is Priceless [VIDEO]
Devon Still Gives Emotional Speech At The ESPYs
Waitress from Hooters Donates Kidney To Customer! [VIDEO]When this poor guy lost both of his kidneys to cancer, a waitress at his favorite Hooters restaurant offered him one of hers! Get the story....
Batkid Begins Official Trailer [VIDEO]
An 81 Year Old Cancer Patient Called 911 For Groceries

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