Casey Anthony

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Watch: Where Is Casey Anthony Now

Yesterday, (July 3,2014) marked the 3rd year since the Casey Anthony verdict.  This was a day where the entire nation held their breath in anticipation of what the verdict would be.  Anthony was found not […]


Casey Anthony’s Parents Break Their Silence

In an exclusive interview with The Today Show and Dr. Phil, George and Cindy Anthony speak about the murder acquittal of their daughter Casey Anthony.


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Casey Anthony Surfaces, See The First Pics!

The first photos of Casey Anthony have surfaced just weeks after her trial ended in Florida. Where was Casey spotted?


[Poll]Larry Flynt Offers Casey Anthony Money To Pose Nude

Hustler Magazine’s Larry Flynt told Jean Casarez, who was subbing for Nancy Grace on Thursday night, that he has offered Casey Anthony a crazy amount of money to pose nude for the pornographic magazine.


Casey Anthony Halloween Mask?

This Halloween, you could be the owner of a Casey Anthony mask, freak out your friends, and scare your neighbors, all while being hated by the entire world! Really??? This can’t be a good idea.


Casey Anthony Released From Florida Jail

 Casey Anthony, who was found not guilty of the murder of her daughter Caylee, was released from jail this evening.


Actual Creepy Letters to Casey Anthony

Last year, “Harper’s” magazine printed highlights from some of the letters people wrote to CASEY ANTHONY while she was locked up in Florida, waiting for her trial. But now that she’s about to be a […]


Porn King Withdraws Porn Offer to Casey Anthony

Porn kingpin Steve Hirsch of Vivid Entertainment  has officially withdrawn his porn offer to Casey Anthony.


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Celebrities Tweet Reactions To Yesterday’s Verdict In Casey Anthony Trial

Breaking News: Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty!view gallery Many of your favorite celebrities Tweeted their reaction to yesterday’s verdict in the Casey Anthony trial.  John Rich, LeAnn Rimes and many many more sounded off on the […]


Casey Anthony Trial Results, We Want to Hear From You

Yesterday the verdict Casey Anthony trial were revealed yesterday morning.  What started out in 2008 all came to a head in the courtroom yesterday where the mother of the slain Caylee Anthony was found guilty not […]


Casey Anthony Not Guilty Of Murder

The jury found Casey Anthony not guilty of the murder of her beautiful little daughter Caylee. As the verdict was being read, Casey Anthony was sobbing in court. She has been found guilty of four […]