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Man Of Steel Official Trailer

The Man of Steel will fly again into theaters in 2013!! Just a few years ago Warner Bros tried to resurrect Superman with the release of Superman Returns. That didn’t go so well. Even though […]

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The Dark Knight Rises Trailer [Video]

The newest trailer for “The Dark Knight Rises looks EPIC. The third and final film in the Christopher Nolan Franchise features collapsing bridges, street riots, and an explosive terrorist attack in a fan packed football […]


Christopher Nolan Talks “Bane” of The Dark Knight Rises

If your a Comic fan like me then there’s no question that your excited about the inclusion of  “Bane” as the villain in the Dark Knight Rises. (The Third movie in the Nolan-verse Batman films) […]


Anne Hathaway Is Catwoman

Warner Bros. Pictures announced today that Anne Hathaway has been cast as  Catwoman  in  The Dark Knight Rises.  The latest installment of the Batman franchise directed  by Christopher Nolan.


Christopher Nolan Confirmed To Direct 'Batman 3'

Riddle me this, riddle me that … who’s afraid of a big, black bat? While Jim Carrey is no closer to finding an answer to the puzzle he put forth in “Batman Forever,” we do […]


Batman 3 in IMAX

Christopher Nolan might have something big in store for us for ‘Batman 3.’ We’re hearing that they are working on shooting ‘Batman 3’ in Imax. “I can’t say until I read the script, but it […]


After ‘Inception,’ What’s Next For Christopher Nolan?

With the mammoth success of “Inception” behind him, Christopher Nolan will be turning away from the world of dreams and heading straight into comic book territory. He’s got his hands on (at least) two of […]


‘Inception’ Director Christopher Nolan Reveals His ‘Star Wars’ Inspiration

The demented memory flipbook that is “Memento,” the noir-ish freakery of Gotham City in “The Dark Knight,” the intricately woven, epically scaled “Inception” — all this can be traced back to a formative experience director […]


‘Inception’ Stars Fondly Recall Slapping Leo, Sipping Tea For Film

The anticipation for “Inception” hit a fever pitch Tuesday night, when the film’s stars descended upon the U.S. premiere at Grauman’s Chinese Theater. Tourists and fans alike crammed together, trying to catch a glimpse of […]


‘Inception’ Stars Weigh In On Sequel Potential At Hollywood Premiere

“Inception” is shaping up to be the moviegoing event of the summer. The sci-fi thriller written and directed by “The Dark Knight” maestro Christopher Nolan has dazzled critics and whipped expectant audiences into a frenzy […]


‘Inception’ ‘Builds’ On ‘Dark Knight,’ Christopher Nolan Says

Christopher Nolan is building a cinematic masterpiece, one movie at a time. Each film on his ever-growing, ever more synapse-frying résumé grows organically and creatively from what preceded it. If that is true, we have […]


‘Inception’ Director Christopher Nolan Says ‘Batman 3’ Script Is Under Way

The arrival of “The Dark Knight” in 2008 reminded cinema enthusiasts everywhere why filmmaker Christopher Nolan should be taken seriously. Comic book fans and mainstream moviegoers alike have patiently waited for an announcement regarding a […]


Avatar DVD sales set record and cause crime

“Avatar” was an unprecedented sales sensation for home-video retailers, as it nearly tripled the existing record for single-day Blu-ray sales set by “The Dark Knight.” Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight” sold 600,000 copies on Blu-ray […]