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Virginia Reporter And Camera Man Shot Dead On Live TV

BREAKING NEWS- According to CNN, at approximately 6:45 this morning Alison Parker and her camera man Adam Ward were on location shooting a piece for the morning news. They were interviewing a woman on live […]

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Cecil The Lion Murder Details [VIDEO]

We have all seen Lion King haven’t we? Remember how sad we were when Mufasa died? The Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe suffered the loss of the leader of the entire pride of lions, Cecil. […]

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Shooting in Chattanooga, Tennessee Leaves Four Marines and A Navy Sailor Dead

We never like hearing or sharing such heartbreaking stories like the one that came out of Chattanooga, Tennesse yesterday. A man who’s been identified as 24-year-old Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez went on a shooting spree at […]

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Macy’s Says ‘Bye Bye’ To Trump

First Univision, then NBC and now Macy’s has pulled the plug on Donald Trump, according to CBS. He is going down in true politician form after calling immigrants from Mexico, “killers and rapists.” A petition […]

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Same Sex Marriage Legal in All 50 States

Before this morning, only 37 of the 50 states allowed and recognized same sex marriage. As of this morning, after a 5-4 ruling by the Supreme Court, same sex marriage is legal in all 50 […]

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Marge Simpson Homer Simpson

Marge & Homer Simpson Are Not Separating, Or So They Say

“Baseless rumors,” they claim.


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The iPhone is Adding a Feature To Track Your Sex Life

At this point I feel like the iPhone can do everything and this proves my point. There’s a new iPhone update (iOS9) that’s supposed to roll out this fall and with that, rolls out a […]

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Help The Victims Of The Nepal Earthquake

According to CNN, an earthquake of a 7.8 magnitude hit Nepal Saturday, killing thousands of people. Right now, the number of fatalities is over 3,700, and volunteers are searching for more survivors who are unaccounted […]

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New York City Doctor Tests Positive for Ebola

A New York City doctor has tested positive for the Ebola virus after coming down with symptoms on Thursday, becoming the first diagnosed case in the city. Craig Spencer, 33, is now in isolation and […]

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Bryan Cranston Responds to Petition Against Breaking Bad Dolls

Walter White himself has weighed in on the controversy over Toys “R“ Us selling Breaking Bad action figures. US Magazine reported, Bryan Cranston took to Twitter on Monday to respond to the news that a […]

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CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta Uses Chocolate Sauce To Show How Easy Ebola Spreads

Ebola seems to be the big topic lately. With each passing day there are more reports of infection here in the United States.  It really makes you wonder, just how easy is it  for this […]

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[Video] Passenger Escorted Off Plane for Cracking Ebola Joke

Avant-garde Ebola humor will get you nowhere when flying the unfriendly skies these days, as a 54-year-old American man who flew from Philadelphia to the Dominican Republic found out yesterday. After the plane landed, he […]

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Texas Ebola Patient Dies

CBS News is reporting that Thomas Eric Duncan, the man who traveled from Liberia to the United States, has passed away this morning.  He’s been in critical condition ever since he was diagnosed with Ebola […]

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Doctor Took Selfie With Joan Rivers While She Was Under Anesthesia 

CNN is reporting that the doctor who performed an unauthorized biopsy during Joan Rivers’ hospital visit took a selfie with the Fashion Police star while she was under anesthesia. According to a source close to […]

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Apple Sold $4 Million iPhone 6 & 6 Plus on First Day

Apple has scored another hit with its iPhone 6. Apple announced Monday that it sold a record $4 million of the smartphones on Friday when the phone was first available to pre-order. The phone comes […]

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