U.S. Pays $223.5 Billion A Year For Heavy Drinkers!

Uh oh! It looks like when we go out and get crunk, it costs taxpayers a ton of money! All the factors: health care, lost productivity, crime and early death amount to hundreds of billions per year! See how much that breaks down to, per drink! It’s crazy!

102.5 KSFM–08/14/2013

Photo By Mark Davis/Getty Images

Valentine’s Day Cocktail Time In Sacramento!

Sometimes flowers, chocolate, dinner, the silly teddy bears and cards just doesn’t cut it anymore. Well how about making you and your Valentine a nice cocktail, or screw V-Day and make it for yourself!


Cinco De Mayo: Top 10 Tasty Mexican-Inspired Cocktails For Your Fiesta

Cinco De Mayo is a grand historical event wherein the Mexican army defeated the French. It’s also a great time to eat some fabulous Mexican food, don your complementary red and green duds, and drown […]