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Tina Macuha (center) with Waynee Wayne & Lexi  - Photo Credit: 102.5 Promotions

Good Day Sacramento’s Tina Macuha Talks With Wayne, Jay And Lexi

We were lucky enough to have the pleasure of sitting down and talking with our friend and local celebrity Tina Macuha from CW 31’s ,”Good Day Sacramento“. Since it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, who better […]

102.5 KSFM–10/11/2012

Gossip Girl Regulars Get The Boot

  If you’ve watched the CW teen drama “Gossip Girl” at all this season you know that [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Taylor Momsen[/lastfm] (Jenny Humphrey) has only been on a handful of episodes and that was only to […]


Teen's Tune Thursday! Songs From Waynee Wayne

  had to spin the wheel again and grab music from either Wayne, Jay or Lexi on CW 31 yesterday.  The wheel landed on Waynee Wayne…can you guess his songs?


Juan Valdez's Songs On "Teen's Tunes" Gets Them Dancing

  All this week find Wayne, Jay & Lexi  picking the songs for the hosts of “Good Day Sacramento” to guess for “Teen’s Tunes”.   Tune in every morning in the 8 o’clock hour to see […]


Wayne, Jay & Lexi back on "Good Day Sacramento" This Week

This week you can catch Wayne, Jay & Lexi back on Good Day Sacramento  for the segment “Teen’s Tune”  in the 8am hour where we provide the music and the crew has to guess the […]


"Teen's Tunes" on CW31 With Wayne, Jay & Lexi

There were technical difficulties on Friday so we didn’t get to do our “Teen’s Tunes Tournament” on CW 31 with the Good Day Sacramento  crew. :( We did however get to stump them anyway!


Good Day Sacramento-"Teen's Tune" Thursday Edition

Yesterday Jay provided TV themes for the Good Day Sacramento  crew to guess during the 8am hour.  Today Wayne, Jay & Lexi take on the entire “Good Day” crew at 8:43 this morning for the […]


Good Day Sacramento-"Teen's Tune" Did You Miss It?

Yesterday was another round of “Teen’s Tune” on CW 31’s Good Day Sacramento.  Thanks to Tina Macuha we get to challenge the minds of the crew by giving them different songs to try to guess on […]


Wayne, Jay, And Lexi On Good Day Sacramento!

We’re back again this week on CW 31 with the crew of Good Day Sacramento for the feature “Teen’s Tune”. Lexi’s songs had the crew scratching their heads yesterday…


Watch Wayne, Jay & Lexi Live on Good Day!

You can see Wayne , Jay, Lexi and Juan Valdez donate songs for Teen’s Tune in the 8 o’clock hour daily.  Each day a different DJ supplies the music that they have to guess.  Mark […]


Snoop Dogg On 90210 Tonight

  Yes, I’m that chick.  The girl over 21 who watches TV shows about teenagers, I can admit it.  I’m especially enjoying the storyline where Navid is trying to take his Dad’s old porn studio’s […]


Wayne, Jay & Lexi on Good Day Sacramento

Wayne, Jay & Lexi in the morning aren’t just on your radio the next two weeks, you can see our mugs and our musical selections on the feature called, “Teen’s Tunes” with Tina Macuha of […]