Detox Album

Dr. Dre Plans To Take A Break From Music, ‘Detox’ Album On Hold

      Oh no! You’re not serious, right [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Dr. Dre[/lastfm]? He plans to take a break from the studio…WHY? What’s gonnna happen to his infamous “Detox” album now?


Detox Date Out There is FALSE

You might have  heard that [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Dr. Dre [/lastfm]has finally come up with a concrete album release date for Detox.  Detox is what Hip Hop has been waiting for now for over a decade, so if […]


Dr. Dre Says Leaked ‘Under Pressure’ Was ‘An Incomplete Song’

Not this way, says [lastfm]Dr. Dre[/lastfm]. He doesn’t want people to hear any of his music before it is done. On Wednesday, an incomplete version of the much-hyped Dre and [lastfm]Jay-Z[/lastfm] duet “Under Pressure” leaked […]