Dogs Can Tell If You Are Evil!Next time your dog barks at someone, take notice.
Watch How Excited This Genius Dog Gets For Daily Walk [Video]Ziggy is a brilliant dog that gets SUPER excited for walks.
FREE Adoptions For Fixed Dogs At Front Street Animal ShelterThe recent floods caused a ton of strays to go into the Front Street Animal Shelter and they're offering FREE adoptions for fixed dogs...
Woman Takes Corgi For 'Cute' Butt Grooming...Gets A NSFW Disaster! [PICS]What would you do if this happened to your dog?
New California Law- You Can Break Into Hot Cars To Save PetsGood to know we can do the right thing if we see this happening without any repercussions.
Bridesmaids Hold Rescue Puppies Instead of Flowers [PICS]Puppies in place of flowers on my wedding day would be a dream come true. Hopefully this starts a trend!
Feed Your Pets.....From Your PhoneEvery animal owner is going to want one of these bad boys.
VIDEO: This Dog HATES Being Flipped Off!LOL! This is the funniest video we have seen in a while.
World's Loneliest Dog Finds A Home With The Help Of Michael Bay [PIC]This lonely dog found a forever home with the help of Michael Bay.
This Woman's Security Camera Caught A 9 Year Old Boy Doing This [VIDEO]Who doesn't want to hug dogs all day? I know we do! That should be a profession, "Official hugger of dogs".
276 Dogs Rescued From a New Jersey Home [VIDEO]The Huffington Post is reporting that this is the worst case of animal hoarding the State of New Jersey has ever seen.
Veterinarian Eats Breakfast With Scared Rescue Dog Inside Her Kennel [VIDEO]Graycie is a full grown dog that looks like shes still a puppy because she's malnourished. When she first met Dr. Andy Mathis back in January she was emaciated, dehydrated, hypothermic, and with an extremely painful prolapse according to Fox 13 News.

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