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Marijuana Poisoning on the Rise for Pets

According to NBC News Health, pet poisonings from marijuana have increased almost 50 percent, from 213 in 2009 to 320 in 2013. Those latest figures still only represent 0.18 percent of all reported poisonings, according […]

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Patriotic Pets – How Cute Are These Animals In Red, White & Blue?

Check out these pets showing their patriotism for the 4th of July. Will you be dressing up too?


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La Toya Jackson…is TRIPPIN

There are a lot of people who say, “Our loved ones who die are never really gone, they live in our hearts.” and I’ll tell you who stands behind that statement….La Toya Jackson. La Toya […]

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Dog Finally Sees his Owner After 2 Years in Afghanistan

There’s a reason they are called “Man’s Best Friend” and this is the perfect example! This dog’s owner had just spent 2 years in Afghanistan and when he came home his dog went CRAZY!!!! She […]

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Dogs In The St. Patty’s Day Spirit

Do you dress up for St. Patrick’s Day? Irish or not, many folks dress up annually to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. It’s the one time of year most of us feel the luck of the […]


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Ever Wanted To Get Wasted With Your Dog? Well Now You Can!

It’s the beer for dogs!!! Do you find that your dog is frequently stressed after a hard day of guarding the home? Then you may want to help your pooch unwind with ‘Dawg Grog,’ it’s […]

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The World’s First Driving Dog [Video]

Dogs are amazing. The pure unconditional love they give to people is staggering. Unfortunately too many dogs today are abused and mistreated by their owners. However thanks to organizations like the SPCA many abused animals […]

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Dog Really Hates Low Fat Treats

Everyone knows that dogs will eat almost anything. Right? Well, not if this pooch has anything to say about it. While most dogs seem to go nuts over the scent of meats.. This five and […]

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Call Me Maybe – Pet Parody [Video]

This  Saturday is   Pet-a-Palooza  at  Rusch Park.. It’s  a free event to celebrate our love for all the  pets with a day in the park where you can bring your dog & listen to […]

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Two Dogs Leave Home, Stop at Favorite Store [Video]

Two Minnesota dogs are safe and sound after quite an adventurous week. Meet Coco and Gracie. They are mischievous sisters as their owner puts it. The two dogs recently decided to take a stroll by […]


Inspirational Chihuahua [Video]

Never underestimate our canine friends.  I saw this on the news today and just had to share it.   It’s a story about a adorable  chihuahua named Trixie ,  who suffered   a severe injury that […]


3 Ways Your Pet Is Keeping You Healthy

There are many pet lovers in the world. Well, I have some information that will make you love your pets even more.


Letting Your Dog Sleep In Your Bed . . . Could Kill You?

This sounds like something so over-the-top and sensationalist that it belongs on the six o’clock news . . . but, according to a veterinary medicine professor in California, letting your dog sleep in your bed […]


Justin Bieber's New Fragrance

Get ready ladies to throw out those old fragrances. [lastfm]Justin Bieber[/lastfm] has one in store for you!


Remember: Dogs Don’t Want To Read!

As this video shows, it might be hard at first to get your animal to listen—some creatures simply hate books and will do anything in their power to make you stop reading.