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Cop Pulls People Over, Gives Them $100 Instead of Tickets

As part of their Prank It Forward campaign, humor website Break took to the streets of Los Angeles to pull over drivers and reward them for driving safely. Buzzfeed reported when the officer asked the […]

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Drake is Sick of Being Called the “Emotional Rapper”

Every time I log onto social media sites I see memes of Drake and they are all making fun of his emotional songs. For example I see this one a lot; “Don’t Drake and Drive, […]

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This Is How Beyonce Rolls! In A Rolls Royce!

When Beyonce takes her family out for an afternoon drive, she does it in style! She her and the fam driving down the road in her drop top Rolls Royce (with Jay Z riding shotgun!)

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Scariest Drivers Ever [Video]

I always wanted to go to Europe and drive thru the countryside. See the sights, take in the culture. That is until i saw this video. European drivers now scare the hell out of me. […]

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DMV Getting Their Own Reality Show!

The Department of Motor Vehicles is getting ready for their very own reality show! Can you believe how crazy this show is going to be! I’m actually pretty excited to watch this, since I used […]


The Ten Most Annoying Driving Habits

I don’t know if you’ll have more road rage because of this next story . . . or less. Cars.com came up with a list of the ten most annoying driving habits. Let’s see if […]


Beyonce Caught Texting While Driving

Looks like Beyoncé ignored the “No Phone Zone” pledge that day-time talk show host Oprah Winfrey created earlier this year. According to a report, the pop singer was pulled over last month (June 23) by […]