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Cops Give Woman Ticket For Breastfeeding While Driving!When people called 911 to report a woman driving with a child on her lap, cops quickly pulled her over and found that she was nursing her 1-year-old WHILE SHE WAS DRIVING! See what the woman claims...
Man Drives With 1-Month-Old Baby On His Steering Wheel [VIDEO]A man was taped strapping his 1-month-old son to the steering wheel of his car and driving with him on it while the mom filmed! See the shocking video and what officials have to say about it...
Lance Armstrong Hit Parked Cars, Let Girlfriend Take Blame
'Three-Boobed Woman' Arrested for DUI in Florida
Drunk Mom Tries To Pick Up Child From School!
6-Year-Old Boy Drove His Toy Car On The Freeway!
Vandal Spray-Paints "Learn to Park" on Cars in Queens
Possibly The Worst Parallel Parker In The World! [Video]
Drunk Mom Makes 6 Kids Hang Onto The Roof Of The Moving Car
Distracted Driver Posts On Facebook About Pharrell's 'Happy' Song Seconds Before Fatal Crash
Cop Pulls People Over, Gives Them $100 Instead of Tickets
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Sacramento Ranks In The Top Five Of The Most Fit Cities In The U.S.

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