New Facebook Feature Hides Your Ex After You Break Up! [PICS]You don't have to block or unfriend your ex on Facebook anymore to stop seeing them in your feed! Facebook has new features that will do that, and a whole lot more for you! See how they work...
Somebody Steals Woman's Jackpot After She Posts Selfie On Facebook With Winning Ticket! [PICS]This lady was soo excited that she won money that she took a selfie with her winning ticket and posted it on Facebook- and somebody stole her money using the info on her ticket!
Mark Zuckerberg Promises To End 'Candy Crush' Invites On Facebook!What's the biggest problem facing Facebook users? According to Mark Zuckerberg, it's those annoying invites from your friends to play "Candy Crush" and he's promising to make them stop!
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Ghost On Tape? Woman Shares Her Haunting Online [VIDEOS]A woman is saying that her house is haunted and she's got the videos to prove it! See the creepy videos that she posted online...
Facebook Giving Us Thumbs Down Button, Adds Read Receipts To Event InvitesFacebook says that they are FINALLY in the process of rolling out a "thumbs down" button and they just added a "read receipt" function for event invites. Get details...
Teenager Puts iPhone in Tape Deck [PIC]
Mark Zuckerberg Made Pregnancy With Wife Facebook Official
Would You Use This New Free iPhone App?
Woman Finds Out Husband Is Cheating And Hacks His Social Media, Puts Him On Blast! [PICS]When this woman found out that her husband was cheating on her, she hacked his social media and put him on blast! See what she wrote...
Facebook Reportedly Eyeing Music Streaming in FutureGet ready to add Facebook to the seemingly endless list of streaming music services.
You Will be Watching Music Videos Through Facebook Very SoonFacebook is trying to lock in licensing deals from the major labels in order to start the program as soon as possible.
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Sacramento Ranks In The Top Five Of The Most Fit Cities In The U.S.

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