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Woman Divorces Her Husband Via Facebook!

A woman is divorcing her husband via Facebook and judge is cool with it! In fact, the judge is the one who came up with the idea!

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Woman Arrested For Posting Threats On Facebook [VIDEO]

A 26-year-old woman was arrested and is facing jail time after she posted a pic of herself with a gun and threatened somebody on Facebook! She says that she has “freedom of speech” to post whatever she wants!

102.5 KSFM–04/04/2015

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YouTube Will Stream Coachella

If you’re like me, Coachella is on your bucket list but 2015 just wasn’t the year for you! I really thought I would be able to go this year but you have to be on […]

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People Worldwide Wore Yellow For Seth

Friday after I got off work, I did my normal routine of logging onto all my social media sites, and I noticed that something had gone viral. On Instagram, Facebook and Twitter I was seeing […]

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STATE COLLEGE, PA - NOVEMBER 11: Penn State students play frisbee in front of Old Main on campus in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal on November 11, 2011 in State College, Pennsylvania. Head football coach Joe Paterno was fired amid allegations that former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky was involved with child sex abuse. Penn State plays their final home football game against Nebraska tomorrow at Beaver Stadium. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Another Frat In Trouble

It’s been a bad couple of weeks for college fraternities. Penn State University’s chapter of Kappa Delta Rho has been suspended for a year. According to the Associated Press, the frat had two Facebook pages where they […]

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Woman Found Her Birth Mom Because People Shared Her Pic On Facebook! [PICS]

What an amazing story! A woman spent years looking for her birth mother but after she posted a pic of her saying that she was looking for her mom and it went viral on Facebook, the two were reunited! See pics…

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What Color is ‘The Dress’?

I woke up from a nap yesterday and something called “The Dress” had “broken the internet.” Okay, I’m not sure that it’s really possible to break the internet, but seriously, “The Dress” was everywhere. It […]

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Marshawn Lynch Looking to Trademark “I’m Just Here So I Won’t Get Fined”

During the media day for the big football game against Seattle and New England, we all thought Marshawn Lynch was a jerk and went way overboard with the phrase he repeated over 20 times, “I’m […]

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Woman Finds Pics Of Husband’s Wedding To Another Woman On Facebook! [PICS]

When this lady looked at her husband’s pics on Facebook, she found pics of his wedding- TO ANOTHER WOMAN! See what happened next…

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People Called 911 When Facebook And Instagram Stopped Working!

When some folks weren’t able to share updates or pics on Facebook and Instagram after they went down on Monday, people ACTUALLY CALLED 911! See what a dispatcher said…



See Why This Guy Only Had Part Of His Head Shaved In His Mug Shot! [PIC]

A man got got into a fight over a girl and after he assaulted somebody, he tried to shave his head to look different… but the cops caught him halfway through his haircut! See the pic…

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Woman Rejects Man On Facebook So He Burned Her House Down!

This man was trying to leave comments on this woman’s Facebook pics and she asked him to stop… so he got mad and BURNED DOWN her house!

102.5 KSFM–12/23/2014

Pinellas Sheriff’s Department

Woman Beats Up Her Grandma For Not Accepting Her Facebook Friend Request!

This woman is catching charges after beating up her own 72-year-old grandma for NOT accepting her “Friend Request” on Facebook!

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Mom Arrested For Dressing Son Up Like A Girl, Posting Pics On Facebook [PICS]

A mom was arrested after punishing her 10-year-old son for wetting the bed and soiling himself, by dressing him like a girl and posting the pics on Facebook! See what her charges are…

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Instagram Now Has More Users Than Twitter!

We all know that when it comes to social media, Facebook is the king but Instgram just passed Twitter in their number of users! See how many people are using Instagram now…

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