'Chewbacca Mask' Mom Gets Invited To Facebook Headquarters By Mark ZuckerbergCandace Payne, the "Chewbacca Mask Mom" is having the best week ever!
New 'Beauty And The Beast' Teaser [VIDEO]There's a new Beauty and the Beast live action movie coming out! Check out the teaser here!
Woman in Chewbacca Mask Goes Viral After Infecting the World With Happiness!We all have a friend with a contagious laugh. You know, the one who could be laughing at something that isn't even funny but their laugh is so out of control, that you have to laugh.
Magic Mike Live Is Opening In Las Vegas [VIDEO]Ladies, all our hopes, dreams and wishes have come true. Yesterday, Channing Tatum made a huge announcement. Let's be honest though, he could be making any kind of announcement and we would listen.
Here's The Truth About The Changes Being Made To InstagramCan everyone relax now? Happy Monday!
Facebook Introduces A New Happy Birthday CamIn a world that's obsessed with things like Snapchat, it makes sense that Facebook would roll this feature out.
Blac Chyna VS Kylie Jenner- Cooking Show WarsYesterday Kylie Jenner released her first episode of "Cooking With Kylie" on her app.
Sex Trafficking Victim From Sacramento Talks to Wayne, Jay And MeganSex trafficking women and children for sexual exploitation is the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world.
You've Never Seen A Teacher Nae Nae Like This [VIDEO]Ron Clark is a teacher in Atlanta Georgia who posted this video of him with some of his students that has now gone VIRAL.
Man Arrested For Threatening To Shoot Somebody For Telling 'Star Wars' Spoilers!This man was arrested after he threatened to shoot somebody for telling him"spoilers" about the new "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" on Facebook! See what happened...
Man Used Instagram, Facebook GPS Data To Find Out Where Women Lived And Stole Their Underwear!This guy was arrested after cops say that he used GPS data in women's Instagram and Facebook posts to find them, break in to their houses and steal their underwear and electronics! See how he did it...
Businesses Are Publicly Shaming People Who Owe Them Money On Social Media!If you owe money to a business, is it OK for them to put you on blast on social media? It happened! Get the story...

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