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Ellen DeGeneres Hooked up a 22 Year Old Waitress

There’s a 22 year old woman named Sarah Hoidahl who lives in New Hampshire and is working as a waitress to support her daughter. She’s a single mother living with her mom who is just […]

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James Franco Helps a Girl Make her Ex Boyfriend Jealous

We have all gone through a breakup in our lifetime and they say there are 5 stages of “getting over it”. 1. Denial and Isolation 2. Anger 3. Bargaining 4. Depression and finally…. 5. Acceptance […]

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Tinder The Movie

First it was Myspace, then came Facebook, Next was Instagram, now Vine is popular but there’s something brand new that’s all the buzz and it’s called Tinder. Tinder links to your Facebook and pulls information […]

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Bruno Mars Get’s HOT In New ‘Gorilla’ Music Video! [Watch Here]

WoW! Bruno Mars gets muy caliente in his new music video for his hit single, “Gorilla.” This very anticipated music video was supposed to be released yesterday but Bruno took to his Facebook to explain […]

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The Words People Hate the Most Right Now

A new survey was conducted to find out what words people hate the most right now. Of course they are words most commonly found on Twitter and other social media sites….or things that remind you […]

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Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon Make Fun of Hashtags [VIDEO]

If you are on social media you probably use hashtags. You see them everywhere and if you are trying to get your post out there and circulating they are necessary. If you don’t know exactly […]

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Suga Bear Calls Up Wayne, Jay & Megan

During our show this morning, Wayne, Jay & Megan were online and saw that 1025′s night show host Suga Bear had posted a new picture of himself (a selfie) up on Instagram and Facebook.  The […]

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What Celebrities Made The Guinness Book of World Records

Apparently there’s a new edition of “The Guinness Book of World Records” coming out and a ton of celebrities made it into the book!   Yesterday news broke that Betty White was going to be […]

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Jay Z Premieres ‘Holy Grail’ Music Video On Facebook [Video]

Jay Z</strong> caught everyone by surprise this morning when her premiered his highly anticipated music video ‘Holy Grail’ featuring the President Pop Justin Timberlake on Facebook. The video was directed by Anthony Mandler. Jay Z […]

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Selfies at Serious Places

If you have an Instagram or Facebook I know you see a ton of girls (and sometimes guys) posting SELFIES! If you don’t know what a selfie is, welcome out from under your rock and […]

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Should Your Facebook Friends Affect How You Get Money?

If you have Facebook friends who might be behind on their bills, they MIGHT make you miss out on a loan! See how THAT works..

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Best Vines of 2013 [VIDEO]

Instagram recently added a video feature but it was added a little too late because Vine already took over the wonderful world of apps! It only takes 6 seconds to make some of the funniest […]

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How Camera Angles Affect Your “Selfies” [VIDEO]

Everybody wants to look their best in pics that are going online and this girl is demonstrating how you hold your camera at different angles makes you look sooo different in your self pics (selfies)! It’s crazy! See how she did it!

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Man Kills Wife, Posts Pic On Facebook!

What the hell is wrong with some people? This man killed his wife, then posted a pic of her dead body with his explanation of why he did it… ON FACEBOOK!

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Megalodon: Real or Hoax?

Everyone is all into Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” and they kicked it off with something that brought them their highest rated telecast in the 26 year history of the week long special. Shark Week started […]

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