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Should Parents Be Responsible And Liable For What Their Kids Post?

If your kids post something online, should people be able to sue you? Georgia’s Court of Appeals is saying that parents may be liable for what their kids post on social media! See why…

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100+ Woman Has To Lie About Her Age To Get On Facebook [VIDEO]

Days before this lady celebrated her 114th birthday, she wanted to join Facebook but she couldn’t unless she lied! See why…

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Man Killed After Poking Another Man’s Girlfriend On Facebook

A man is on his way to jail after being convicted of killing his friend after he poked the man’s girlfriend on Facebook! See what happened…

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Facebook Is NOT Going To Start Charging Monthly Fee Of $2.99!

LOL! There’s a rumor that’s blowing up online right now that Facebook is set to charge users $2.99 per month starting November 1st- but it’s not true. See where rumor started…

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Beyonce Caught Photoshopping Her Pictures AGAIN

If you are involved in the world of social media, then there’s a good chance you have altered your pictures at least one time before. Beyonce has been caught Photoshopping her Instagram pictures before, and […]

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Coca-Cola Is Bringing Surge Back!

You remember Surge, right? Click HERE to see! Coca-Cola has decided to bring back the failed 90’s soda Surge! It will be sold exclusively on Amazon only. The Coca-Cola company is reintroducing this citrus beverage […]

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Why Did Facebook Crash Today?

If you’re one of the more than one billion users that tried to log onto Facebook Wednesday morning, you got an error that said: “Sorry, something went wrong.” See why Facebook was down and for how long…

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Military Mom’s Viral Video “Mommy’s Big Secret” Gone Bad

Have you seen the adorable video of a little boy’s reaction to his mom telling him she is expecting a baby?  Cute right? Military mom, Shanee Gibson Hart, of Fort Lewis Washington posted her son’s reaction to her […]



5 Ways To Post Your Happy News On Facebook Without Your Friends Despising You

Let’s be honest: we’ve all seen our friends post something about their fabulous lives on Facebook and felt a little jealous, perhaps even inadequate. The Bold Italic calls Facebook “the most depressing website in the […]

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MUST SEE! Woman Writes A List Of Reasons Why People Will NOT Be Invited To Her Wedding! [Pic]

Bridezilla or is she just keeping it real? A woman posted a list on her Facebook of reason’s of why certain people will not be invited to her wedding. See the list HERE! Ohh…Kill ‘em! […]

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People Call 911 About Facebook Outage

Are we as a society really that out of touch with reality that we call the police department when our social media has a glitch and is down?  Hardly an emergency, but some people in […]


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Official 50 Shades Of Grey TEASER! [VIDEO]

If you’ve read the 50 Shades of Grey books, I’m sure you’ve been anticipating the movie that is set to come out in February of 2015! They have done a good job of keeping images […]

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Dads Who Owe Child Support Arrested For Flaunting Money On Facebook!

These dads have NOT paid child support for their kids, but they did go bragging about buying new cars, football tickets and building a recording studio on Facebook- and now they’re in jail!

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Facebook, Twitter High School Interns Make More Than Most People!

Some high school kids get summer jobs at fast food places or working in the mall but if you get a summer internship at Facebook or Twitter, you’ll be making more per month than MOST AMERICANS!! See how much high school kids are making per month by interning at Facebook and Twitter…

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Could You Give Up Facebook For 99 Days?

Facebook angered users when it played with their emotions as part of a controversial experiment.  Now Facebook users are turning the tables by experimenting on the giant social network. 99 Days of Freedom asks, “Do […]