Dairy Queen Offering Free Ice Cream Cones Monday, March 20thDon't miss out on your chance to get free ice cream!
Free Cupcakes Available At Walmart This Sunday March 12th, 2017All you need to do to get your free cupcake is show up!
Get A Free Stack Of Pancakes At IHOP!Do you want to celebrate National Pancake Day with free buttermilk pancakes?
Kids Get Free Dental Screenings In SacramentoThere's no reason not to go to the dentist now!
Freebies And Deals For National Pizza Day!We love pizza!
FREE Adoptions For Fixed Dogs At Front Street Animal ShelterThe recent floods caused a ton of strays to go into the Front Street Animal Shelter and they're offering FREE adoptions for fixed dogs...
Free Ride Home And Free Light Rail New Years Eve In SacramentoIf you go out and have a few too many this New Years Eve, DON'T DRIVE! There's a service that will give you and your car a FREE ride home and RT is offering FREE Ride Day, too...
Northern California Town Giving Away Free College To ResidentsA FREE ride to college? Yup, see what city in Northern California is giving a free college education for anyone living or working in the city.
Win The Best Prizes From KSFM!KSFM is hooking you up with the best concert tickets, DVDs, Blu-Rays, CDs and movie tickets! We're always hitting the streets with your chance to win awesome prizes!
See All The Deals And Freebies You Can Get Today With Your 'I Voted' Sticker!Don’t let your “I Voted” sticker go to waste!
Krispy Kreme Is Giving Out Free Donuts On Election Day And Might Get In Trouble For It!Get a FREE doughnut at Krispy Kreme On Election Day!
Pumpkin Sushi Exists [PIC]I don't think this is crossing the line, in fact, I love it.

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