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MTV Reality Star Diem Brown Dead at 32

People is reporting that MTV reality star Diem Brown passed away this morning at the age of 32 after multiple bouts with cancer. According to IMDB, Brown’s reality career began in 2006 when she was […]

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43 Reasons You Just Can’t Go Out Tonight

The colder the weather gets, the harder it is to motivate yourself to hit the town. Hence, Buzzfeed has compiled a list of 43 excuses that you can use for not going out this weekend. […]

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Kris Jenner & Corey Gamble Are Officially an Item

Just days after Kris Jenner sparked rumors that she was dating Corey Gamble, E! News has confirmed that the two are officially dating. “What started off as a friendship has turned romantic, but it’s all […]

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Late Night Wrap-Up: Friends Stars Reunite for Fan-Fiction Sketch

On last night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow reunited to act out Jimmy Kimmel’s fan-fiction script of Friends. Kimmel played Ross in the sketch, which featured Rachel, Monica and […]

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Are Brad Paisley & Ludacris the New Blake & Adam?

Rising Star co-stars Brad Paisley and Ludacris claim their budding bromance could give The Voice’s Blake Shelton and Adam Levine a run for their money. “We couldn’t be more different, but we’re thick as thieves,“ […]

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Breaking Up: Expectations Vs. Reality

When it comes to breaking up, these things might be true: You’ll walk away civilized, dignified and empowered. But honestly? That’s probably not what’s going to happen. Cosmo has helpfully come up with a list […]

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Twitter Now Allows You to “Mute” Your Annoying Friends

Tired of reading boring tweets about what your friend ate for breakfast, but worried that they’ll be offended if you delete them? Twitter finally has a solution. According to NY Daily News, the social network […]

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Will Smith Isn’t Worried About Daughter’s Pervy Picture 

Willow Smith caused some controversy yesterday when a photo of the 13-year-old posing in a bed with a 20-year-old actor hit the web. But her dad, Will Smith, reportedly has no problem with the image. […]

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12/06/99. Westwood, CA. Boy band N'SYNC attending the LA premiere of the new movie "The Green Mile". Photo by Brenda Chase Online USA Inc.

36 Things From Back in the Day That Feel Like They Just Happened Yesterday

Doesn’t it feel like NSYNC was just popular yesterday? And don’t you feel like you just drank Pepsi Blue and that Brad Pitt is still 25 years old? Buzzfeed is the best website to make […]

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Rumor Has It, That NBC Confirmed To Bring Back ‘Friends’ For A New Season!

According to Elite Daily, NBC has confirmed that Friends will be back for a comeback season. HOW EXCITING! I watch all the reruns now and this show still cracks me up! I hope these rumors are true! This […]

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Are You Ready for the Breaking Bad Series Finale?

Breaking bad, the show that has been on for 5 seasons (Well 6 if you count 5 being split into two parts) is coming to an end this Sunday night. The finale is expected to […]

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5 Reasons Women Should Have at Least One Slutty Friend

A recent study at Cornell found that female college students tend to seek out female friends who don’t sleep around . . . which isn’t surprising, since there’s still a stigma about women who are […]


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Channing Tatum’s Friends Keep Him Humble….and Hot

Every interview I ever see with Channing Tatum I am always amazed at how humble he is. He recently said he owes it all to his friends, thanks to them he’s remained a down to […]

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Brad Pitt Talks Past Drug Use, Family And The Public

Brad Pitt may be famous, but like most, he has his flaws. In an interview with Esquire magazine, the 49-year-old actor opened up about past obstacles, the public and his family. Brad did drugs in […]



How to Make A Viral Video By Nearly Drowning Your Friend [Video]

A few teens were hanging out in a parking lot when they discovered a puddle. While messing around, one of them gets a dare to jump in the puddle wearing his new tennis shoes. However, […]

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