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Cops Discover Couple Passed Out in Food at Buffet Restaurant

It’s not unusual for buffet-style restaurants to promote their binge-friendly nature with slogans like “Eat ’til you drop!” Well, one hungry couple did just that –literally — last week in Georgia, where police discovered that […]

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Drew Barrymore Loves the Smell of… Whale Vomit?!

Drew Barrymore’s makeup and fragrance company may be called Flower Beauty, but apparently the scent of fresh flowers isn’t the only smell she enjoys. She tells People that when she was sampling various odors for […]

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Drunken Buffoon Calls 911 Looking for Sex [Audio]

On Tuesday in Florida,  Stephen Ramsey called 911 and began hitting on the dispatcher, eventually asking her out on a date and inquiring as to whether she was “into handcuffs.“ A deputy was then sent […]

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Girl Has Wisdom Teeth Removed, Mad She Didn’t Wake Up As Nicki Minaj [VIDEO]

LOL! This poor girl had just had her wisdom teeth removed and as she was coming out of the anesthesia, her husband filmed her crying because she didn’t wake up as Nicki Minaj! Check out the video…

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Bieber Trains With Boxing Champ Floyd Mayweather Jr.

TMZ reported Justin Bieber recently trained with boxing champ Floyd Mayweather Jr. at the legendary Ten Goose boxing gym in Van Nuys, California—probably because he realizes how many people want to beat him up. Wearing […]

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This Woman Clowns Her Husband Hard On ‘Family Feud’! [VIDEO]

You can’t help but to cringe and feel a little sorry for this guy when his wife answers the question: “If you could change one part of your husband’s body, what would it be?” Guess what she said? LOL! See the video…

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Guy Cries Because Beyonce Didn’t Come To His Wisdom Teeth Removal [VIDEO]

If you’re having dental surgery, make sure that whoever is driving you home DOESN’T have a camera phone or this could happen to you! This poor kid had his wisdom teeth out and while he was still on pain medicine, he started crying because Beyonce didn’t come to see him in the dental chair!

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Angry Two-Year-Old Yells At Her Mom For Laughing At Her For Singing Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’ [Video]

This is a funny viral video of an angry two-year-old girl screaming at her mom in an Irish accent for singing to Disney’s hit movie soundtrack song “Let it go” from Frozen. It’s hard to […]

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Watch A Flying Bat Interrupt A Morning TV Newscast [Video]

Watch the reaction from the Good Morning Tennessee TV crew as a flying bat interrupted their telecast. Somehow the flying furry creature found its way into their studios, and it actually came very close to hitting a […]

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“Makeup Transformation” For Men? [Pics] Hilarious

Guys always make fun of how much makeup girls wear or how it totally transforms their faces. There are a bunch of articles that have been going around that show the 4 different stages of […]

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Woman Complains to Cops About Laced Meth, Gets Arrested for Meth

Lynette Rae Sampson bought some meth in Oklahoma that she suspected had been laced with a foreign substance, according to the ENID News. So, naturally, she called the cops to complain about the impure “ice.“ […]

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Soulja Boy Posts Pics With Fake Money, Internet Calls Him Out! [PICS]

LOL! Soulja Boy posted some pics of him with stacks of what looked like cash, until the internet looked a little closer! One comment said: “Am I the only one who realizes that those are white pieces of paper”? See the pics of him trying to floss (that have since been deleted)!

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Jenny McCarthy Reveals How She Told Her Son About Sex

Jenny McCarthy revealed the way she talked to her 11-year-old son Evan about the birds and the bees in a recent interview with Us Weekly. “I kind of knew it was time because I accidentally […]

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Watch This Crab Steal This Guys Beer! [VIDEO]

If you’ll be vacationing near the beach the summer, be on the look out for this crab! He likes to steal beer and run away with it! Check out the hilarious video that is going viral…

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Awesome Map Reveals Dirty-Sounding Cities Around the World

Geotechnologist Gary Gale has created an awesome map that highlights all the dirty-sounding places in the world according to Huffington Post. The United States boasts a bevy of locations, including Wet Beaver Creek, Arizona; Climax, […]

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