Is Childish Gambino Going To Play Young Lando Calrissian?What do you think?
Lil Dicky Teaches Safe Sex in New Trojan Condom Commercials And Tries To Jam Rob Gronkowski [VIDEOS]Lil Dicky might be the funniest person ever. The proof is in these videos.
Monkey In Diapers Attacks Walmart Employee [VIDEO]This video is so strange and raises so many questions.
This Cat Does Not Like Donald Trump [VIDEO]This cat doesn't just dislike Donald Trump, it appears to be scared of him.
Seth Rogen Scares NY Grocery Store Shoppers With Live Action Talking Food [VIDEO]This is the funniest prank I have seen on the internet in a long time.
DeMarcus Cousins Gave Draymond Green a Hard Time Over Accidental Snapchat [VIDEO]If you haven't heard by now, Golden States Warriors play Draymond Green accidentally snap chatted a picture of his...
[Video] Beyoncé Renames Denis Leary"Beyoncé, you were great tonight!"....‘So were you, Bryan.'
Young Han Solo Audition Tapes [VIDEO]Conan always has the best skits. Check out these audition tapes from the upcoming Han Solo movie.
A Guy Got Caught Cheating Because Of Pokemon Go [PIC]Warning- Pokemon Go can break up relationships.
Snoop Dogg's Hilarious 'Fast Money' Moment On Celebrity 'Family Feud' [VIDEO]Snoop Dogg thinks you can find a pie WHERE?
Big Tree Fall Hard, Justin Bieber Takes a Spill On Stage [VIDEO]That looks like it left a mark.
Jonathan Kite At The Punchline This WeekendJonathan Kite is hilarious and he's going to be performing at the punchline this weekend!!

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