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Justin Bieber to Be Roasted on Comedy Central

Justin Bieber will be the star of an upcoming roast on Comedy Central. Ryan Seacrest broke the news on Twitter yesterday, writing, “Yes, I got confirmation. Justin Bieber is getting roasted by Comedy Central in […]

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Iggy Azalea Licks Nick Young’s Face on College-Game Kiss Cam

Iggy Azalea is definitely not fancy when it comes to PDA. Earlier this week, when she and boyfriend Nick Young were caught on the “Kiss Cam“ at a USC-UCLA basketball game in L.A., Iggy responded […]

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Kevin Hart Poses in White Afro Wig for Hollywood Reporter

Kevin Hart knows how to get people’s attention. The diminutive funnyman, who’s hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend, appears shirtless on this week’s Hollywood Reporter while donning a huge, white, afro-style wig. (The accompanying headline reads […]

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DJ Trolls Club Full Of Dancers With “Turn Down For What” [VIDEO]

A DJ was spinning at a packed club and when everybody at the party was getting ready to go crazy when the beat drops in Lil Jon’s song “Turn Down For What”, they got a surprise! See the video…

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Bride Who Got Dumped Destroys Her Wedding Dress [PICS]

When this bride was left by her soon-to-be husband just days before her wedding, she decided to have a party and destroy her wedding dress! See what it looks like now…

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This Guy Thought That He Won On The Price Is Right, But He Didn’t! [VIDEO]

People get VERY excited on The Price Is Right game show and this guy started celebrating a little early from Contestants’ Row! He thought that he had won, but he didn’t! See the video…

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Funny Homemade Twerking Kim Kardashian Christmas Card! [VIDEO]

Somebody went ALL OUT to make this hilarious Kim Kardashian Christmas card! It even twerks! See the video…

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Woman Catches Husband Cheating With Her Sister! [PICS]

This woman caught her husband “in the act” of cheating with her twin sister in a parked car! See what she did next!

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Woman Tricks Thief Stealing Packages With Box Of Dog Poop! [VIDEO]

A woman got tired of her packages being stolen off of her front porch so she decided to teach the thief a lesson and got him on camera too!

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Little Kid Combs His Hair With Electric Razor [VIDEO]

LOL! This poor little guy thought he was “combing” his hair. The problem is, he wasn’t using a comb but an electric razor and he had his hair almost all cut off by the time his mom saw it! See the video…

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How To Eat Popcorn In A Sweatshirt! [PIC]

They say you learn something new everyday and today we’ve learned that we’ve been eating popcorn all wrong! You don’t even need to put the popcorn in a bowl if you have sweatshirt! See how…

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Girl Gets Revenge On Guy Who Used To Bully Her! [PIC]

This poor girl was tormented by a guy when she was a kid. She was overweight and he used to make fun of her and call her “man beast”! Well, she’s hot now and she just got him good!

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‘Jennifer Lopez Is 45′ Trending on Twitter

The phrase “Jennifer Lopez is 45“ became a trending topic on Twitter Monday, following her sexy performance at the AMAs over the weekend. The Internet reacted to J-Lo’s age in shock. Here are some of […]

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Black Friday- The Scary Movie! [VIDEO]

The scariest shopping day of the year is quickly approaching and the clips we’ll see of Black Friday on the news will probably look like scenes from a scary movie. Check out what Black Friday would look like if it WAS a scary movie…

102.5 KSFM–11/24/2014

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Cops Discover Couple Passed Out in Food at Buffet Restaurant

It’s not unusual for buffet-style restaurants to promote their binge-friendly nature with slogans like “Eat ’til you drop!” Well, one hungry couple did just that –literally — last week in Georgia, where police discovered that […]

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