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Family Calls 911 After Huge, Maniacal Cat Traps Them in Bedroom

An Oregon family’s 22-pound cat attackedtheir 7-month-old baby on Sunday. As punishment, an adult family member kicked the feline in the rear according to UPI. Big mistake. After getting the boot in the butt, the […]

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Guy in Yoga Pants Pranks Other Guys Into Checking Out His Butt

A hidden-camera prank video that’s going viral on YouTube proves that guys will stare at pretty much anybody’s butt, so long as it’s outfitted in tight pants. The three-and-a-half minute clip shows Youseff Saleh Erakat, […]

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WHAT Is This Cheeto Doing? [PIC]

People see things in food all time: Jesus in toast, chips that look like Elvis. Those are pretty common but this Cheeto has a mind of his own! What does it look like he’s doing to you?

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Justin Timberlake Calls Out Girl Who Flipped Him Off [VIDEO]

Justin Timberlake got flipped off while he was on stage in Philadelphia and he stopped the show and called the girl out! This video is hilarious!

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What Is This Dude Doing In The Barber Chair? [VIDEO]

When this video starts, you’ll be like “what the heck is that guy doing in the barber chair?” It looks really bad! And when the barber notices what he is doing, he pulls the smock up to see what is going on!

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23 Types of People You’re Friends With on Facebook

Buzzfeed has compiled a list of the 23 types of people that you’re bound to be friends with on Facebook — and many of them are sure to sound familiar. Here are some examples posted […]

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Taylor Swift Thought She Won A Grammy, But She Didn’t [VIDEO]

Awe! Poor Taylor Swift! When they were announcing the winner of “Album Of The Year” at the Grammys last night, Taylor thought they were going to say “Red” and her and her crew got really excited… but that’s NOT what they said. They said “Random Access Memories.” Watch Taylor and her entourage when they realized…

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Jay Lets Megan Fill His Eyebrows In

Miley Cyrus bleached her eyebrows. We aren’t sure why, but we do know that she shouldn’t have done it. That was a choice, but poor Jay has the same problem and his are all natural! […]

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Dancing Mr. Pumpkin Prank

What is Halloween without a good prank?! YouTube’s SA Wardega definitely brought it this year. Already web famous for his funny superhero videos, he sure didn’t disappoint with this hysterical Halloween prank. After setting up […]

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Tinder The Movie

First it was Myspace, then came Facebook, Next was Instagram, now Vine is popular but there’s something brand new that’s all the buzz and it’s called Tinder. Tinder links to your Facebook and pulls information […]

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FUNNY ALERT! The 8 Things That Are Cute When Women Do Them . . . But Creepy When Men Do Them

Men and women are more equal now than at any other point in history.  But that still doesn’t make it even 1% hot when men try to talk like a sexy baby. Yesterday, there was […]


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Conan Furloughs Non-Essential Staffers [Video]

The Federal government has been shut down.That means the apocalypse is upon us! Okay not really. But according to Uncle Sam, countless non-essential Federal workers have been furloughed. I think most of these Washington politicians […]

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Girl After Surgery Thinks She’s A NASCAR Driver [Video]

I find it hilarious when parents film their kids after having surgery. Like poor 15 yr old Annie. While leaving the dentist with her mom and heading to the car after having her wisdom teeth […]

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Nic Cage Is Disturbing As Miley Cyrus [Video]

I’ve seen a lot of disturbing things on the internet, this video included. It really amazes me the level of weirdness this particular video clip has. In just under 10 seconds, this video has disturbed […]

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Pee On Police Car Prank [Video]

Yikes! A few YouTube pranksters decided that peeing on a cop car in a dog suit would make a pretty funny viral video. And it kinda did. However, risking your own freedom for a few […]

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