Good Deed

John Cena Is This Little Boy's Hero And Granted Him An Amazing Wish! [VIDEO]John Cena has granted a record 400 wishes for the Make-A-Wish foundation and this little boy was the latest to get his wish and meet his hero! Get the story and see the heartwarming video...
The Game Works McDonalds Drive Thru In Ferguson
Hero Customer Leaves Waitress $200 Tip To Go Visit Her Kid [PICS]When this customer overheard his waitress talking about how much she missed her son, the customer left her a $200 tip! See what they wrote on the receipt...
Eminem Secretly Meets With Dying Fan! [PICS]Eminem may sound like he's mad at the world while he's spitting verses, but he was extra nice to a teenage fan with just days to live. See what Eminem did...
Layaway Angel Pays Off 100 Peoples Accounts At Walmart For $50K!Another "layaway angel" has struck! This time the person walked into a Walmart and paid off the layaways for 100 people! The good deed cost $50,000!
Layaway Angel Pays Off 150+ Layaways At Toys 'R' Us For $20,000!We love this time of year when "Layaway Angels" strike and payoff the layaways of people who are making payments to buy their Christmas toys. This lady dropped $20K to help 150+ families!
Cop Gives Single Mom Car Seat Instead Of A Ticket After Pulling Her Over [PICS]A single mother was pulled over by a cop and he noticed that she didn't have her child in a car seat. Instead of giving her a ticket, he told her to follow him to Walmart and bought her kid a car seat! See the pics...
Mom Helps Son With "No Friends" Get 1.3 Million Birthday Greetings
A Guy Pays his Debt 15 Years Later
Wayne, Jay & Lexi's Good Deed Of The Day
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Sacramento Ranks In The Top Five Of The Most Fit Cities In The U.S.

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