Idol on Fox


More Magic Cyclops

I had an epiphany last night while watching Idol.  It is this. You can make anything better with MORE Magic Cyclops. Why Idol?!  Why do you make me watch all these boring singers and only […]


American Idol Top 8 :ReCap

If you missed American Idol  last night because the Kings were playing their last game of  the season, the game that could be their final game in Sacramento I get it.  I had my DVR ready […]


Another Idol Contestant Goes Home

Now I’m not going to be the one to spoil who went home last night.  I will leave that for the click-thru.  Unlike my East-Coast watchers who ruined the bottom THREE for me last night […]


American Idol-More On Last Night’s Show

If you heard the re-cap we gave for the season premiere of American Idol season 10 you heard some fun audio clips of one of the best and one of the worst from last night. […]