See How This Man Stole 32 iPhones From Walmart! [PICS]A shoplifter was able to walk out of a Walmart store with 32 iPHONES! See the surveillance pics...
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Teenager Puts iPhone in Tape Deck [PIC]
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Somebody Threw A Phone At J. Cole And Hit Him In The Face! [VIDEO]While J. Cole was performing in San Diego, somebody threw an iPhone at his face! See the video and what he did with the phone after it hit him...
Does Apple Hate Rihanna?
Guy Killed After Using Phone-Tracking App To Find His Lost Phone [PICS]An 18-year-old guy lost his phone so he used a phone-tracking app to locate it and was killed! See what happened...
The iPhone is Adding a Feature To Track Your Sex Life
KFC Made Blue Tooth Paper Trays So You Can Eat & Text
Woman Destroys Cheating Boyfriend's Apple Products In Bathtub! [PICS]When this woman found out that her boyfriend was cheating, she took his Apple iPad, iPhones, laptops and more and put them in the bathtub! See the pic that she sent him...
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Sacramento Ranks In The Top Five Of The Most Fit Cities In The U.S.

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