You Can Now Tip Your Uber!Uber is now accepting tips and saying if you don't tip, you could end up with a bad rating.
What Does The 'i' in iPhone, iMac, iTunes, iPad, iPod Stand For? See What Steve Jobs Said...Have you ever wondered what the "i" in iPhone, iMac, iTunes, iPad, and iPod stands for? Steve Jobs revealed the meaning back in 1998! See what the "i" prefix means on Apple products...
Dad Arrested For Taking His Teen Daughter's Phone As Punishment [PICS]After finding an inappropriate text on her phone, this dad took his then-12-year-old daughter’s cell phone away and ended up getting arrested! See what happened...
Here's What Happens When You Ask Siri THIS Question [VIDEO]
Someone Made A Go Fund Me Page For Powerball ReimbursementAccording to, a woman who lives in TN named Cinnamon spent all her money on the Powerball thinking that she would be the big winner of the billion. Well guess what, she didn't win jack and now shes broke.
Fetty Wap Emojis Are HereAre Fetty Wap's emojis better than Kim K's?
iPhone Autocorrect Makes 'Lardass' = Kardashian! LOL! [PIC]Somebody discovered that if you type the word "lardass" into your iPhone, it will autocorrect the word to "Kardashian"! See it for yourself..
See How This Man Stole 32 iPhones From Walmart! [PICS]A shoplifter was able to walk out of a Walmart store with 32 iPHONES! See the surveillance pics...
Oscar Mayer Launches Dating Website For Bacon Lovers
LIVE Updates From Apple's iPhone 6S Announcement!
Teenager Puts iPhone in Tape Deck [PIC]
iPhone Tricks That Will Free up Storage Space

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