Jessica Alba

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Guess Who Else Shares A Birthday With You Today!

If today is your birthday, well HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! Check out which celebrities share a birthday with you!


Nina Parker From TMZ

Nina Parker from TMZ was on with Wayne, Jay & Lexi this morning giving us all the gossip and smut. This morning she gave us the latest on the Arnold Schwarzenegger baby drama, Oprah Winfrey taping her […]


More Celebrity Nude Photos On The Way?

TMZ now has more victims of the hackers who are in the cross hairs of the FBI for pilfering nude pics of celebrities


Jessica Alba Thinks She Is Saggy!

Jessica Alba is oily, sexy perfection on GQ U.K.’s latest cover, but inside the November issue the actress would rather talk about her flaws. See the video after the break!


Jessica Alba Doesn’t Like To Play Latina Characters…

JESSICA ALBA appears in the movie of the summer, “Machete”, which opens TOMORROW. And she’s playing her very first Latina character.


Everybody BBQ’s on the 4th!

CHECK OUT WHAT JESSICA ALBA IS DOING ON 4TH OF JULY…. Twitter: “jerry-rigged a grill cleaner w brillo pad for 4th of July bbq -What r ur BBQ mishaps?” Lol…Hard workin woman! Happy 4th!


Jessica Alba set off a fire alarm while trying to make fish sticks for her daughter

It’s the age old question, guys: If she’s smokin’ hot, does it really matter if she can cook??? JESSICA ALBA’S husband apparently doesn’t think so.


Jessica Alba plans to adopt

Jessica Alba has gone public with her plans to adopt. The Fantastic Four actress revealed that she’s making big plans to extend her family during a taped appearance on the hit ABC show Extreme Makeover: […]


Jessica the Next Angelina? Alba Announces Adoption Plans

During Jessica Alba’s appearance on this Sunday’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, she announces that she has plans for her own extreme home makeover—nursery edition. While pitching in to help out a trailer-dwelling family of 13, […]


U.S. is "Home of the Hottie"

Just call America “Home of The Hottie!” The United States harbors the highest concentration of attractive people on the planet, according to a British poll released by on Tuesday. America beat Brazil — birth place […]