Jim Gaffigan

Jimmy Fallon (Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

Jimmy Fallon Yucks It Up With Best Comedy Album GRAMMY

Jimmy Fallon’s Blow Your Pants Off has been named winner for Best Comedy Album at the GRAMMYs. The Late Night host bested Kathy Griffin’s Seaman 1st Class, who has had five nominations over the years […]


Sugabear’s “Friday Funny”

Are you a cake lover? Watch comedian Jim Gaffigan dissect the different types of cakes, and how delicious they can be! CAAAKKEE!


Comedy Clip Of The Day: Jim Gaffigan

Comedian Jim Gaffigan talks about the similarities of Mexican food.


Comedian Jim Gaffigan

Here is comedian Jim Gaffigan describing his poor attempts to fool taxi drivers so they don’t rip him off: I always do the responsible thing when I go out and get a taxi after indulging […]


Comedian Jim Gaffigan On How Much Americans Love Fast Food

Jim Gaffigan says Americans love fast food so much, pretty soon we won’t even have to say a number to get a value meal . . . we’ll just have to make a sound: