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Wayne, Jay & Lexi’s Good Deed Of The Day

This morning as we were wrapping up our show we got a call from a woman named Sandra from Marysville. She had taken a bus from Marysville to Downtown Sacramento and wanted to know which […]



Wayne,Jay And Lexi’s Hoppy Leap Year [VIDEO]

Leap year’s only come around every four years, so in honor of today being February 29th we decided to celebrate leap year by having a little fun with our very own Juan Valdez.  You see, […]


Photo by Jay's I-Phone 2012

VIDEO: Juan Valdez And His “Random Acts Of Roses”

Nothing says, “I love you” like a roses and a creeper mustache, and that’s just what Juan Valdez from the Wayne, Jay & Lexi show have for you today!  Juan, Wayne and Jay took to […]


Photo courtesy of Jay's iPhone

VIDEO: Juan Valdez And The Bacon Lube Challenge

In another effort to torture our good friend Juan Valdez, Wayne, Jay and Lexi challenged Juan this morning to lick Bacon Lube off some random listeners feet. Yes, the world’s first bacon-flavored personal lubricant. You […]


VIDEO: Wayne, Jay And Lexi’s Twinkies Challenge

Last week Juan Valdez told us that the Hostess company might file for bankruptcy. Juan is a mega Twinkie fan. So Wayne, Jay an Lexi decided to show support for Juan’s favorite snack..by making him […]


Jay Loses A Bet And Has To Eat A Ghost Chili On The Morning Show

In honor of the 7th annual Tamales’ Festival, Waynee Wayne, Juan Valdez & Jay had a tamales eating contest and whoever came in last place had to eat a Ghost Chili.  Jay was the loser of […]


VIDEO: Juan Valdez Clownin' Around Sac-Town

VIDEO: Juan Valdez Clownin’ Around Sac-Town

Wayne, Jay and Lexi sent Juan Valdez out in the streets this morning dressed as a clown to hand out tickets to Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey Circus, in a segment called “Clownin’ Around […]


Peaches Calls For The “Juanmower”

Happy Labor Day from Wayne, Jay & Lexi in the morning.  This morning they took entries for Juan Valdez (our very own “Juanmower”) to go to your house and mow your lawn in honor of Labor […]


Juan Valdez Surprises At The Pump With $50 Shell Gas Giveaways!

Shell Gas Card Giveaway, Day 2

Juan Valdez was back on the streets for a 2nd day performing random acts of kindness with Shell Gas gift cards! Check it out while he surprises people at the gas pump with free gas!


Juan Valdez Surprises At The Pump With $50 Shell Gas Giveaways!

Juan Valdez surprised some people while they were pumping gas this morning with random acts of kindness with $50 Shell Gas giveaways! You HAVE to see their reactions.


1025 & Capitol Casino’s 2nd Annual Poker Tournament

Join 1025 and Capitol Casino for our 2nd Annual Poker Tournament Saturday August 20th at Capitol Casino!  There is a $10,000.00 Prize Pool, $5,000.00 Grand Prize and bounty prizes against Waynee Wayne, Juan Valdez, Boondock […]


Club Tropicana

This Friday  join 1025 & Juan Valdez at Club Tropicana for your chance to win a trip for 2 to Las Vegas!


Peaches Calls Wayne, Jay & Reagan

One of our favorite listeners that calls during the morning show, Peaches called in today.  The weird thing is she was looking for Juan Valdez.  Do Juan and Peaches have something going on?  You be […]