Justin Bieber

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Birdman Bought Justin Bieber A Bugatti [Pic]

Like Justin Bieber needs a car, but I guess you can’t refuse a gift! Birdman was feeling generous and bought the Biebes a new Bugatti! So does this mean that Birdman considers Bieber as part […]

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Justin Bieber Terrorizes Walmart Shoppers, Gets Told Off By A Dad!

“Attention Walmart shoppers! See Justin Bieber getting called a names in aisle 12!” That’s probably what the announcement would have sounded like when a dad told Justin to his face exactly what he thought of him and his entourage running around a Walmart like they owned the place! See what he said…

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Canada Boos Justin Bieber! [Video]

Rolling Stone reported that last night Justin Bieber got booed by his own peeps! Canada hosted their version of the Grammys which is called the Junos. Justin Bieber who was not in attendance happened to […]

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Taco Bell: Canada Will Get Breakfast When “You Take Justin Bieber Back”

Taco Bell’s president Mr. Brian Niccol took to Reddit’s popular AMA section on Thursday to celebrate the launch of the chain’s biggest addition in company history: a breakfast menu. The highlight of the interview according […]

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Is Justin Bieber Trying To Be A Calvin Klein Underwear Model? [PICS]

Justin Bieber posted some pics of him in Calvin Klein underwear and wrote: “What if I do a Calvin Klein campaign? Comment below yes or no.” See the pics that he posted…

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Shocker: Justin Bieber Was a Jerk to Cop Who Pulled Him Over

The Miami Beach Police department has released its summary of Justin Bieber’s traffic stop on suspicion of drunken driving in January, and it doesn’t reflect well on the Biebs. According to USA Today, Bieber first […]

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Selena Gomez Ultrasound, Her And Justin Bieber Pregnant? [PIC]

An ultrasound pic hit the internet with name “Gomez, S.” and it shows that she’s pregnant- WITH TWINS! Are Justin and Selena about to be parents? See the pic and what’s going on…

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Justin Bieber Tattoos…As Documented By Police

Thanks to the Miami Police Department, every tattoo on Justin Bieber’s body has been documented. Check out the pics here!


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Justin Bieber’s DUI Trial Delayed to May 5

A hearing today (March 11), determined a trial date in Bieber’s Miami Beach DUI charges. No plea offer has been made to the singer in the case.


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Usher Embarrassed Of Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber made it clear that he had no idea who Usher, his own mentor, was in his deposition video. An insider close to Usher revealed to Hollywood Life he is embarrassed of how Bieber […]

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Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Dirty-Dance on Video

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez clearly can’t decide the status of their relationship. The latest proof: An Instagram video Bieber posted late last night–then removed early today–showing him and Gomez dirty dancing along to John […]

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Justin Bieber Surprises SXSW With Intimate Show Surrounded By Screams

The all but unknown Lady Gaga’s delivering a keynote address and the up-and-coming Justin Bieber has already done a surprise performance.


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Justin Bieber’s Wink at the End of His Deposition Could Tear This World Asunder

It is a performance so uncanny in its predicticablity of Bieber’s past behavior that there has to be some sort of subversive message going on, a subliminal text.


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Justin Bieber Urine Test, The Black Box Video!

The video of Justin Bieber taking a urine test the night that he was arrested has hit the web. Let’s just say the censors were very generous with the black box that they used to cover his private parts! See the video…

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Justin Bieber May Get Exposure Where the Sun Don’t Shine

Judge William Altfield of the Miami-Dade County Court has decreed that, collaterally speaking, Bieber’s privates can and will be used evidence in his recent Miami arrest.