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Shooting Range Instructor Accidentally Killed By 9-Year-Old Girl

Yahoo News reports that Monday morning at a shooting range in Arizona a 9-year-old girl, vacationing with here family, accidentally shot and killed an instructor. He was standing next to the girl teaching her how […]

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Guy Buys 23 Burger King Pies to Spite Bratty Kid

Some guy was standing in line at a Burger King when a child behind him started screaming “I want f**king pie!“ over and over to his mom. The angel on the guy’s right shoulder probably […]

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Mom Makes 4-Year-Old And 2-Year-Old Get Spray Tanned On A Regular! [Video]

22-year-old Sophie-May Dixon and her two daughters, Princess Bliss, 4-years-old and Precious Bell, 2-years-old, get spray tans on a regular! Yes, their names are Princess and Precious! So to live up to the names, Sophie […]

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Dad Leaves Babies In Hot Car To Go Have Sex On The Side Of A Building! [Video]

Seriously I don’t understand why people do this! What is wrong with people? 27-year-old Juan Munford of Virginia was arrested because he left his twin daughters in a hot car while he was having sex […]

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Scott Disick Hospitalized for Alcohol Poisoning

Following reports that Scott Disick has given up drinking, TMZ has revealed that the reality star’s decision to seek treatment was triggered by his hospitalization for alcohol poisoning last month. The father of Kourtney Kardashian’s […]

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8th Grade Metal Band From Brooklyn Lands Huge Record Deal

One million dollars and only in the 8th grade is a good look for any teenager, especially if your getting paid to do something you love. For 3 kids from Brooklyn who love to play […]

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Did Dad Roast Toddler to Death in Car on Purpose?

Justin Ross Harris, the Georgia dad who’s been charged with second-degree murder for leaving his 22-month-old son to die in a sweltering car, has maintained that he simply forgot young Cooper was in the car […]

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Couple Confronts, Calls Cops On Mom Who Left Kids In Car [VIDEO]

This couple didn’t just call the cops when they saw 2 small kids left in a hot car, they also confronted the mother and taped the whole encounter!

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Drunk Mom Makes 6 Kids Hang Onto The Roof Of The Moving Car

Kisha Young, a 39-year-old Texas mother was arrested after allegedly driving home from a neighborhood pool with six kids hanging onto the roof and hood of her car. Witnesses said that they couldn’t believe what […]

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Lorde’s Parents to Marry After 30 Years Together

US Magazine is reporting that after 30 years and two kids together, Lorde’s parents have decided to tie the knot. The “Royals” singer took to Twitter on Monday evening to share that her father Vic O’Conner […]

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New App Locks Your Kid’s Phone Until They Finish Dinner

Want your kid to stop playing on their phone at the dinner table? There’s now an app for that called “DinnerTime,” according to The Next Web. DinnerTime gives parents the ability to lock and unlock […]

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Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick Expecting 3rd Child Together

Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant again! A little less than two years after the arrival of their second-born child, Penelope, Kourtney and longtime partner Scott Disick are expecting a third child in December. “She is only […]

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Restaurant Gives Family $5 Discount for “Well Behaved Kids”

A Canadian Reddit user took his wife and 1-year-old daughter out to Carino Japanese Bistro for brunch on Mother’s Day. reported that at the end of the meal, listed on the receipt were charges […]

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H.S. Girl Claims She Fed Bullies Semen-Infused Cupcakes

A high school student in Bakersfield, California found a very creative way to get back at some kids who’d been bullying her: She fed them a batch of cupcakes she claimed had semen, pubic hair […]

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Pregnancy Text Campaign Turns Teens’ Phones Into “Virtual Babies”

A campaign designed to get teenagers talking about pregnancy turns their cell phones into “virtual babies“ by sending texts with demands like “feed me“ or comments like “rappers spit rhymes, I spit up.“ The NY […]

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