Did Jesus Die From Drugs? (In These Kids’ Versions Of Easter He Did). [VIDEO]Jimmy Kimmel gets kids to their their version of Easter [VIDEO].
Kids Tell The Story Of Easter In Hilarious Video!Do these kids really know what Easter is about?
8-Year-Old Boy DRIVES Sister To McDonald's Drive-ThruThis 8-year-old made it to McDonalds driving his dad's car, and he learned how by watching YouTube videos!
New Study Find Moms More Sleep-Deprived Than DadsHow well are you sleeping?
Nick Cannon Gives His And Mariah's Kids 'Willy Wonka' Style Candy Room [PICS]Some parents don't allow their kids to have sugar at all but not Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. Their kids have an entire candy room. See the pics...
Kids Explain How Babies Are Made On Jimmy Kimmel Live [VIDEO]These kids don't disappoint with their answers!
36-Year-Old Woman Quit Her Job To Stay Home and Breastfeed Her Boyfriend [PIC]From bartending to breastfeeding...
Watch This 4-Year-Old Explain Why He Doesn't Want To Get Married [VIDEO]This kid doesn't want to get married for good reason.
Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett Would Let Hank Jr. See Her Issues Of PlayboyKendra Wilkinson Baskett sat down with E! News to talk about the good ol days. You remember those days don't you?
Kim Kardashian Naked On The Internet AGAIN [PIC]Leave it to Kim Kardashian to willingly post a naked picture of herself online.
Little Boy Found His Dad's Razor, Gives Himself Worst Haircut Ever [VIDEO]This poor little guy couldn't be more than a few years old and when he found his dad's razor - he gave himself the worst haircut ever! See the hilarious video...
Hero Fireman Pays Family's Electricity Bill Because They Had A Child Who Was On A Ventilator [PICS]Firefighters are already heroes, but this guy is an even bigger hero today for paying off a family's electricity bill (over $1,000K) so that their child could breathe on a ventilator!

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