Justin Bieber Caught Kissing His Pastor Carl Lentz [VIDEO]Bieber was caught by paparazzi kissing his pastor, Carl Lentz 😲
Gay Couple Kicked Out Of Uber For Kissing After SF PrideFollowing San Francisco Pride on Saturday night, Matt Togni and his boyfriend Sumeet caught an Uber but were quickly kicked out of the car after kissing.
Couple Making Out At Bar Doesn't Notice The Place Is Getting Robbed! [Video]Love is blind, literally in this case!
Leonardo DiCaprio And Rihanna Caught Kissing! [Photos]Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna probably didn't want anyone to see these photos, but of course in Hollywood nothing can be private!
Katy Perry Got Felt Up By A Female Fan [VIDEO]
Drake and Serena Williams Caught Kissing [PIC]
20 Complete Strangers Kiss On Camera
Katy Perry Kissed A Girl (Again)...And It Was Miley Cyrus! [Video]
Chris Brown, Karrueche Sucking Tongues! [PIC]Public displays of affection (PDA's) are pretty uncomfortable to watch but this pic is just gross! Check out what Karrueche posted a pic of her and Chris Brown doing on New Year's Day!
Is This Justin Bieber Kissing Another Guy? [PIC]A pic is spreading online and it claims to be of Justin Bieber- kissing another guy. Check it out and let us know if you think it's him...
Rihanna Is Dating A Woman Now?Is Rihanna done dating men? A website has got pics of her kissing and holding hands with a woman who they claim is Rihanna's new girlfriend... see the pics.
Justin Bieber Kisses Ariana Grande [PIC]Uh oh! Beliebers everywhere could be waging a war against Ariana Grande right now after this pic of Justin Bieber kissing her hit the web! See the pic and what her and Justin are saying about it!

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