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Woman Suing August Alsina For Injuring Her During Sex! See How!

A woman reached out to a website claiming that she hooked up with August Alsina and that he injured her while they were having sex! She says that his private parts were too big! “I think I should be compensated for being injured like that. He should be more careful with that thing in his pants.”

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Sleeping Yankees Fan Suing For $10 Million For Being Called Names [VIDEO]

This guy fell asleep at a Yankees/Red Sox game and was put on camera snoozing in his seat. He says that the announcers called him names like “fatty” and “unintelligent” so now he’s suing for $10 million! See the video…

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This Man Says Baby North West Nearly Killed Him! Now He’s Suing!

This man is suing 1-year-old North West and her famous mom, Kim Kardashian. He claims to be a former groundskeeper for the Kardashian family and says that North is a spoiled brat and that she nearly killed him! See what he’s claiming…

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Hershey Sues Marijuana Companies “Munchies”

Don’t get too used to seeing, Ganja Joy and Hashees on the appropriate shelves as it seems, The Hershey Chocolate Company  has filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court of Colorado claiming a Colorado […]


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Girl Attacked by Pit Bull Asked to Leave KFC

Victoria Wilcher was mauled by three pit bulls recently, a brutal attack that left part of her face paralyzed. The 3-year-old now wears an eyepatch, and had it on when she walked into a Mississippi […]

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Doctor Removes The Wrong Kidney From Man! He’s Suing!

A man went under the knife to have a cancerous kidney removed, but the doctor accidentally removed the mans healthy kidney instead! See how much he’s suing for…

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P!nk Cover Band Singer Sued for $10 Million for Not Being Attractive Enough

P!nk cover bands are, apparently, serious business.


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Donald Sterling Refuses to Pay NBA Fine, Threatens to Sue

Banned Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling is refusing to pay the $2.5 million fine levied by the NBA after his racist remarks became public. But it doesn’t stop there. ESPN is now reporting that […]

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Woman Finds Condom In Her Calamari! [PIC]

Sometimes calamari is a little chewy and rubbery, but this woman took a bite and it was a little too chewy and too rubbery… because it was a condom! And she took a pic of the dish too!

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Paul Walker Crash: Widow Sues Porsche

Did a “design flaw” in the Porsche that Paul Walker and his friend Roger Rodas were in lead to their death after their crash? Roger’s widow thinks so and she’s suing Porsche. See what she claims…

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Britney Spears Broke Her Dancers Nose! Here Comes The Lawsuit!

A back up dancer for Britney is claiming that Britney came to rehearse for a music video “disheveled and confused” and Britney ended up breaking this girls nose!

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Kris Humphries Does Not Have Herpes!

A lady is suing Kim Kardashian’s ex husband, Kris Humphries, saying that after she hooked up with him, she got herpes! Now Kris is saying that she didn’t get it from him- because he doesn’t have it! And he’s got the letter from his doctor to prove it!

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Kris Humphries Being Sued For Herpes! Did He Give It To Kim?

A woman is suing Kris Humphries saying that he gave her herpes! Now she wants a judge to order him to get tested and he may have passed it to Kim while they were married too!

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Nursing Home Sued for Hiring Male Strippers

Elderly residents of a Long Island nursing home had more than just a day of shuffleboard in store for them when their rec room added a new activity–Chippendale stripteases! According to the NY Post, the […]

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“Dead” Woman Woke Up In Freezer, Froze To Death! Family Sues

This story is so sad! A woman who was declared dead and put into the freezer was found a few days later, face down with a broken nose and cuts and bruises! Her family thought that her body had been mishandled but that doesn’t look like what happened according to an expert…

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