Macklemore Drops 'Marmalade' Track with Lil Yachty"Me and Macklemore worked on something really dope and I really think people are going to love it."
Lil Yachty Paying College Tuitions And More.Lil Boat's #SailingScholars plan will help students with the burden of college tuition.
Lil Yachty Takes Out His Signature Braids [PICS]Do you like the classic braids or this new look better?
Watch Lil Yachty Rap about 'The Simpsons'"You’ve got Homer, Marge, Lisa and Bart/ You got Maggie and Santa’s Little Helper to start."
Lil Yachty Wrote An Open Letter Addressing Disappointing Sales NumbersLil Yachty took to his Instagram account to address why his new album is just not selling.
Lil Yachty Pens Open Letter to Fans, Claims Reviewers 'Don't Understand' His MusicDespite ranking in at number 5 on the Billboard album charts this week, the rapper seems unhappy with his record's performance.
Watch Lil Yachty Start a Food FightTo celebrate his new album the 19-year-old rapper started a food fight at a Hollywood Hotel.
Lil Yachty Delivers 'Bring It Back' on KimmelYachty and his backing band rocked formal prom attire.
Listen to Lil Yachty's New Track 'X-Men'Yachty's latest features Texas rapper Evander Griiim.
Watch Lil Yachty Flip Out While Using VR.Virtual Reality is cool, but when you have a chair that can rotate 360 degrees, it takes the experience to a whole new level.
Lil Yachty Releases Music Video for 'Bring it Back'The rapper’s next album, 'Teenage Emotions,' is due out later this month.
Joe Budden Vs. Lil Yachty.Judge for yourself if it was truly a heated exchange or two people having a passionate conversation.

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