'Mean Girls' Is About To Be Made Into A MusicalThat's so fetch!
Where Did Lindsay Lohan's Accent Come From? [VIDEO]Lindsay Lohan is talking like English is her 2nd or 3rd language in this interview.
VIDEO: Lindsay Lohan Caught On Video Saying Her 'Psycho' Boyfriend Tried To Kill HerIn footage taken by her neighbor, you can see Lohan in distress and begging for someone to help her.
Lindsay Lohan Wants To Run For President In 2020That's so fetch (not really) If Donald Trump and Kanye West can run, I guess why not Lindsay Lohan?
Lindsay Lohan Might Have Fallen Off The Wagon Again [PIC]
Lindsay Lohan Swims Without Bikini [PIC]
Lindsay Lohan Tried To Photoshop A Bigger Booty And It's A Fail! [PIC]We can't stop laughing at this pic that Lindsay Lohan posted. She Photoshopped a bigger booty on herself! See the Instagram fail on the link...
Lindsay Lohan Uses Racial Slur on Instagram After Kanye West Concert, ApologizesLindsay Lohan got a little too turned up during a Kanye West show in Paris and let the n-word fly on her social networks before quickly deleting the offending messages.
Where Is Lindsay Lohan's Butt? [PIC]Lindsay Lohan posted a selfie today with the hashtag "My Calvins" showing her in a Calvin Klein thong. Most people are upset over the full caption but...
"Mean Girls" 10 Years Later! See The Reunion! [Pic]
Lindsay Lohan Says She Wheeled Whitney Houston's Corpse Into the MorgueTMZ has at least corroborated that she was working at the morgue at the time of Houston's death on Feb. 12, 2012.
Lindsay Lohan Reportedly Writing Tell-All Autobiography

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