Lindsay Lohan

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Lindsay Lohan Swims Without Bikini [PIC]

Lindsay Lohan proves time and time again that she gives ZERO F’s when it comes to what she looks like. We have all seen the mug shots, the terrible court date outfits, the club dresses that […]

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Lindsay Lohan Tried To Photoshop A Bigger Booty And It’s A Fail! [PIC]

We can’t stop laughing at this pic that Lindsay Lohan posted. She Photoshopped a bigger booty on herself! See the Instagram fail on the link…

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Lindsay Lohan Uses Racial Slur on Instagram After Kanye West Concert, Apologizes

Lindsay Lohan got a little too turned up during a Kanye West show in Paris and let the n-word fly on her social networks before quickly deleting the offending messages.


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Where Is Lindsay Lohan’s Butt? [PIC]

Lindsay Lohan posted a selfie today with the hashtag “My Calvins” showing her in a Calvin Klein thong. Most people are upset over the full caption but…

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“Mean Girls” 10 Years Later! See The Reunion! [Pic]

10 years, can you believe it? I feel old now. Mean Girls, the timeless movie is celebrating it’s 10 year anniversary and the girls got together for Entertainment Weekly’s Reunions Issue. Lindsay Lohan, Tina Fey, […]

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Lindsay Lohan Says She Wheeled Whitney Houston’s Corpse Into the Morgue

TMZ has at least corroborated that she was working at the morgue at the time of Houston’s death on Feb. 12, 2012.


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Lindsay Lohan Reportedly Writing Tell-All Autobiography

Daily Mail is reporting that Lindsay Lohan will soon be giving fans an inside look at her dramatic personal life through her first tell-all autobiography. Lohan has reportedly held a string of meetings with publishing […]

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Lindsay Lohan Streaks Naked Through Ritzy London Department Store

Lindsay Lohan exhibited some crazy behavior recently when she streaked naked through Selfridges, one of London’s ritziest department stores. According to Mirror Online, she charged out of her dressing room and started racing around the […]

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Chris Brown Says He’s “Never, Ever Going Back To Jail”

Chris Brown was released from jail over the weekend and he’s promising to clean up his act to NEVER, EVER go back to jail again!

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Lindsay Lohan’s Married Boyfriend, Domingo Zapata

Lindsay Lohan reportedly admitted that she was dating a married man (who has two kids) in a magazine interview but her rep said that the quote was “fabricated.” Was it though? See the guy that Lindsay is dating…

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Lindsay Lohan Reveals She Had A Miscarriage 

Lindsay Lohan’s much-criticized OWN reality show Lindsay came to a strangely abrupt and serious ending last night, as the actress revealed that she suffered a miscarriage during the filming of the series. “No one knows this, […]

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She Wrote It! Lindsay Talks About Hook Up List!

Well that confirms it! The list that surfaced of all the celebrities Lindsay Lohan hooked up with IS REAL!! Check out what she had to say about it

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Did James Franco Hook Up With Lindsay Lohan? See What He Says

Remember when Lindsay Lohan’s list of people that she had supposedly hooked up with hit the internet? Well, one of the names on the list was James Franco. So did he do it? See what he said about it…

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More Names Revealed On Lindsay Lohan’s ‘I Hooked Up With…’ List

Last week we found out that Lindsay Lohan for some reason took the time out of her busy day to write down a list of every single guy she has hooked up with in the […]

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Celebrities Are Getting Verified Accounts On Tinder App

Lindsay Lohan’s “to do list” of famous men went public yesterday, but she’s not the only who can hook up with celebrities anymore! See how Tinder is putting single celebrities within reach!

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