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Couple Fakes Marriage Proposal To Get Justin Timberlake’s Attention [VIDEO]

During his concert in Tel Aviv, Israel, on Wednesday night, Justin Timberlake spotted a sign in the crowd that read, “He’ll propose to me if you take a selfie with us.” Shalom Life reported that […]

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Blood Vessel Spells Out LOVE in Woman’s Eye! [VIDEO]

A blood vessel in this woman’s eye spells out the word “LOVE!” Check out the crazy video…

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Your Partner Knows When You’re Faking It, Study Finds

According to Waterloo News, a new study suggests that there is no reason to start faking it in bed — because more than likely, your sexual partner will know. And the findings don’t just apply […]

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20 Complete Strangers Kiss On Camera

Can you imagine kissing a complete stranger? Okay, I know what you’re probably thinking, “That happens every Friday night at the bar” -haha don’t worry, I felt the same way when I was first asked […]

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Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Dirty-Dance on Video

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez clearly can’t decide the status of their relationship. The latest proof: An Instagram video Bieber posted late last night–then removed early today–showing him and Gomez dirty dancing along to John […]

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The Bachelor: Juan Pablo Picks Nikki, But Proposes to Nobody

Juan Pablo proved on last night’s finale that he is, hands down, the worst Bachelor ever. The final two women, Clare and Nikki, gushed about wanting to be his wife. Juan Pablo’s response: “Can I keep […]

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ScHoolboy Q Gives Love Advice

He’s in a group called Black Hippy with Kendrick Lemar, got the number one record and loves chili cheese fries. That’s right, ScHoolboy Q is not only the ‘Man of the year’, but he  is […]

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The Game Says He Dated Kim Kardashian, Not Her Sister Khloe

Rapper The Game shot down rumors that he is dating Khloe Kardashian — but revealed that he did once romance her older sister Kim. CelebBuzzfeed reported he said, “It’s funny man cos me and Khloe we’re […]

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Most People Have Slept With 2+ Guests at Their Wedding

Well, this is interesting! According to DailyMail, a whopping 60% of newlyweds admit to having slept with two — or more! — of their wedding guests, according to a new survey. Perhaps not surprisingly, 32% of […]

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Mom Helps Son With “No Friends” Get 1.3 Million Birthday Greetings

A Michigan woman was heartbroken when her son, who has Asperger’s syndrome, told her that there was no point in her throwing him a birthday party because he had no friends. Colin’s mom, identified only […]

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Woman Insists on Taking Her Chihuahua on All Her Dates

Meet Chloe Swift, a 32-year-old British woman who insists on bringing her Chihuahua, Bentley, on every single one of her dates. She tells The Daily Mail that she warns her suitors ahead of time, but […]

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The 12 Stages of Valentine’s Day, by Age

Valentine’s Day means something different depending on your age. Cosmopolitan broke it down as to what each age group thinks about the mightiest of Hallmark holidays. If you’re age six to 14, you’re probably excited […]

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What If Guys and Girls Switched Roles This Valentine’s Day [VIDEO]

Valentine’s Day is THIS WEEK. Guys if you haven’t made a reservation, ordered your flowers, gotten the perfect card yet, the time has come to do it. I know Valentine’s Day is nothing but a […]

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London Shop Offers ‘Voodoo Your Ex’ Service 

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, a London store called “The Last Tuesday Society” is offering custom-made voodoo dolls to help all the slighted lovers out there get revenge on their ex. According to its […]

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The Bachelor: Juan Pablo Meets His Potential Love(s)

On last night’s premiere of The Bachelor, Juan Pablo Galavis met the 27 ladies vying for his affection. The girls pulled out all the stops in order to stand apart from the crowd, including giving the […]

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