Mariah Carey

Mariah Moving In With New Boyfriend After Only 5 Months Together!Is 5 months of dating enough time to get to know somebody well enough to move in with them? It is for Mariah and her new rich boyfriend, James Packer!
Mariah Carey Directs 'A Christmas Melody' Movie in Time for the HolidaysHowever, Mariah isn't expected to appear in the film.
Mariah Carey FINALLY Got A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame! See Pics...Shout out to Mariah Carey! It seems like she's been famous for a REALLY long time, but she just got a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame and her kids stole the show! See the pics...
What Is Mariah Carey Working on with Justin Bieber and French Montana?Last night the pop diva teased that a recording session with French Montana and Justin Bieber.
What Diva Celebrates Her Birthday 4 Times a Day?
Mariah Carey Had A Wardrobe Malfunction On The Water! [PICS]Mariah Carey was partying on yacht with her new BILLIONAIRE boyfriend and one of her breasts popped out! The paparazzi was there to take the pic too...
Kate Upton OR Mariah Carey?
Britney Spears Overshares with Story of How She Paints Topless Listening to Mariah Carey"Maybe that was too much information," she admitted. Maybe, just maybe.
Mariah Carey Fully Embraces Being a Diva (As Though She Hadn't Already) in Her 'Infinity' Video: WatchThe acting in this thing is better than in the second half of Glitter, now that Mariah knows what a diva does darling.
Mariah Carey Calls 'American Idol' 'The Worst Experience of My Life'
Mariah Carey Cancels Vegas Show Due to BronchitisShe's scheduled to perform at the Billboard Music Awards this Sunday, so stay tuned.
Jennifer Lopez Gets Vegas Residency
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