Exclusive Look At The Trailer For Jackie Chan's New Movie. [Video]I am jumping on Fandango to pre-order my tickets. This looks good!
Ron Howard Is Officially In The Director Seat For The 'Han Solo' MovieRon Howard steps in!
Man Sues Woman For $17.31 After Bad Date At The MoviesWell, this Texas man decided to sue a woman for the price of the movie ticket after she texted the whole movie and left him.
A New 'Friday' Movie Is Coming! [VIDEO]Ice Cube is putting out a new 'Friday' movie! Get the details...
Get Your First Look At The 'IT' Movie [TRAILER]Even though I'm not scared of clowns, this does look pretty scary.
The Movie 'Selena' Turns 20! See The Family Reflect On The Movie In This Exclusive Interview!'In My Mind, She's Still Alive'
A 'Coming To America' Sequel Is In The WorksWho's ready for this long anticipated sequel?
The Guy Playing Michael Jackson In New Movie, Looks Nothing Like Michael Jackson! [Video]Who was the casting director?
See The First Teaser Trailer For The Emoji Movie! [Video]There is an Emoji movie coming!
'Rogue One' Plus 5: Star Wars Reviews and 1 Real SpoilerWith the latest Star Wars movie just hitting the screen, here are 5 reviews "without spoilers" and 1 that is nothing but a spoiler. [Warning].
Hollywood Is Making Another Willy Wonka Movie!In the words of DJ Khaled...another one.
See The 2nd Trailer For Rogue One: A Star Wars Story! [Video]A 2nd trailer has been released!

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