New Dating Speculation After Nas Licked Nicki Minaj's Face At His Birthday Party [Video]Proof that Nas and Nicki are together!
Channing Tatum Surprises Store Clerk With Dance Party [VID]Channing Tatum has hosted an impromptu dance party in a convenience store at a North Carolina gas station.
Jay-Z, Nas Talk Biggie In New Documentary [Video]A&E has released a teaser trailer for the upcoming documentary Biggie: The Life of The Notorious B.I.G.
Is Nicki Minaj Pregnant???Does Barbie have a bun in the oven? 
Nas and Travis Scott Join DJ Khaled for 'It's Secured' VideoIn classic Khaled style, "It's Secured" features a car chase, bottle service and plenty of vaping.
Big Rappers That Have Gone BrokeWhen you become a huge rapper, you're guaranteed to be rolling in cash. However, these rappers weren't able to stay rich forever...
DJ Khaled Works with Rihanna, Travis Scott, Nas, More on 'Grateful'The timeline suggests that the MC’s morning was spent time on set with Rihanna and Bryson Tiller for a video, before working with Travis Scott and Nas.
Nas Gets Slapped With $300,000 Tax LienIt seems like Nas has been running away from Uncle Sam, but now he can't run anymore. According to several news outlets, Nas owes nearly $300,000
Nas on Trump: 'We All Know a Racist is in Office'"When you have the responsibility of being President and you carry on like that, you send a strong message to people outside of your group that they ain’t worth s---."
Nas & Lauryn Hill Announce 2017 Tour DatesThe trek kicks off on September 7 in Chicago, IL.
Nicki Minaj Responds To Rumors She's Dating Nas [VIDEO]Nicki Minaj was recently on The Ellen Show where Ellen asked her about the rumors that she's dating Nas.
Chris Brown & Nas Honor Chinx on New Track 'Die Young'The song comes a week before the two-year anniversary of the rapper's death.

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