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Virginia Reporter And Camera Man Shot Dead On Live TV

BREAKING NEWS- According to CNN, at approximately 6:45 this morning Alison Parker and her camera man Adam Ward were on location shooting a piece for the morning news. They were interviewing a woman on live […]

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Owner Of This Famous House Turns People Away [VIDEO]

Can you imagine living in a house that thousands of people visited DAILY. Maybe it was their favorite house in a TV show or a movie and what they feel is a big part of […]

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Jared The Subway Guy Turned Himself Into The FBI

We thought Jared Fogle AKA Jared the Subway guy was being charged with or involved in child pornography but it’s way worse than any of us could have imagined.   According to TMZ, Jared has […]

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Cecil The Lion Murder Details [VIDEO]

We have all seen Lion King haven’t we? Remember how sad we were when Mufasa died? The Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe suffered the loss of the leader of the entire pride of lions, Cecil. […]

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Shooting in Chattanooga, Tennessee Leaves Four Marines and A Navy Sailor Dead

We never like hearing or sharing such heartbreaking stories like the one that came out of Chattanooga, Tennesse yesterday. A man who’s been identified as 24-year-old Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez went on a shooting spree at […]

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Macy’s Says ‘Bye Bye’ To Trump

First Univision, then NBC and now Macy’s has pulled the plug on Donald Trump, according to CBS. He is going down in true politician form after calling immigrants from Mexico, “killers and rapists.” A petition […]

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Check Out Kim Kardashian’s Myspace From 2006 [PIC]

The year 2006 doesn’t seem like that long ago but, when we are talking in terms of the internet, it’s an eternity. We are talking back to Myspace days, before some of the biggest celebrities […]

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Jimmy Kimmel ‘Lie Witness News: Golden State Warriors Edition’

In honor of the NBA Finals game 4 tonight in Cleveland, how about a little “Lie Witness News: Golden State Warriors Edition” courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel! If you aren’t familiar with his Lie Witness skit, […]

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Woman Shaved Dead Skin Off Her Feet Into Milk

This is by far the most disgusting thing I have heard so far this year! According to Pix11 News, Sarah Schrock is a 56 year old woman who lives in Mechanicsville, Maryland. She had family […]

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22-Year-Old Arrested For Wrongful Windex Use

We have all had bad roommates: ones that steal our clothes, use our shampoo in the shower, eat our food that’s in the fridge, but this student from the University of South Carolina took it […]

102.5 KSFM–05/06/2015

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Angry Baltimore Mom Beats Son After She Sees Him Rioting

What would you do if you saw your child on TV throwing rocks at police? According to CBS, a suspected rioter got the surprise of a lifetime yesterday when his mom showed up on the […]

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Help The Victims Of The Nepal Earthquake

According to CNN, an earthquake of a 7.8 magnitude hit Nepal Saturday, killing thousands of people. Right now, the number of fatalities is over 3,700, and volunteers are searching for more survivors who are unaccounted […]

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Girl Wets Her Pants On Live TV! [VIDEO]

This poor girl REALLY had to go pee, but this news reporter kept asking her questions and she peed her pants on live television! See the video…

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Police Officer Charged With Murder After Shooting Unarmed Man

A South Carolina police officer has been charged with murder after video surfaces of him shooting an unarmed African-American man. According to CNN, Walter Scott, a father of four who also served in the United […]

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Medical Student Invents Cream To Remove Tattoos!

Most of us have a tattoo that we wish we wouldn’t have gotten, but the only option to remove it so far has been an expensive laser that hurts! Not anymore! See how this new cream works…

102.5 KSFM–02/14/2015