UPDATE: 📷 Britney's Niece Visits School After ATV AccidentSee the first pic of Britney's 8-year-old niece after the ATV crash...
The Break Down For 1-26-17News about Oscar De La Hoya, Scarlett Johannsen, Scarface, Migos and more.
Actor Ricky Harris Has Passed Away At The Age Of 54Comedian and actor Ricky Harris, who had a recurring role in Chris Rock’s “Everybody Hates Chris” sitcom and voiced several characters that appeared in Hip Hop albums, died Monday.
California Capitol Locked Down Because Of Suspicious Package [VIDEO]Breaking News in Sacramento. Suspicious package found at the State Capitol.
Brock Turner Is Getting Released From Jail This FridayBrock Turner is getting out of jail after only serving 3 months behind bars.
What Really Happened With Ryan Lotche [VIDEO]So does this mean the original story Ryan Lochte told was totally bogus?
BREAKING NEWS-Brendan Dassey From Making A Murderer Ordered To Be Released From PrisonBrendan Dassey is being released from Prison.
A Guy Got Caught Cheating Because Of Pokemon Go [PIC]Warning- Pokemon Go can break up relationships.
5 Police Officers Killed and 7 Injured In Dallas ShootingThe deadliest single incident for law enforcement since September 11, 2001 happened yesterday in Dallas.
Anderson Cooper's Emotional Tribute To Orlando Victims [VIDEO]Pray for Orlando and the families of these victims who died too soon.
276 Dogs Rescued From a New Jersey Home [VIDEO]The Huffington Post is reporting that this is the worst case of animal hoarding the State of New Jersey has ever seen.
Alfonso Ribeiro Had A Dance Off With 5-Year-Old Disabled Girl [VIDEO] The video of them dancing is beyond adorable and you can check it out below! I think she gave Carlton a run for his money!

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