Man Pretending To Be A Police Officer Pulled Over Real Cop [VIDEO]A man pretending to be a police officer pulled a car over, only to realize the man he pulled over was an off-duty cop!
Half-Naked Woman Drives Through Police To Avoid Paying Plastic Surgery Bill [VIDEO]This woman drove through gun-wielding police officers to avoid paying her plastic surgery bill!
Sacramento Man Caught Jaywalking Beaten And Arrested [VIDEO]The Sacramento Police Department has initiated a probe into an incident that lead to a jaywalking pedestrian being thrown to the ground and beaten by police
Young Thug Escapes Five Felony Charges Due To Police MistakeYoung Thug just beat some very serious charges brought against him, but only because of a technicality.
Man Gets Out Of Ticket By.... Juggling?! [VIDEO]
Ew! Man Being Charged For Sucking Toes Without PermissionHow gross can someone be!
Police: Pennsylvania Nurse Recorded Videos Of Naked PatientsWhat a creep........
Spanish Gang Converts Old Toyotas Into Fake Ferraris.Police in Spain uncovered a gang that had been converting old Toyotas into fake Ferraris and Lamborghinis.
Kim Kardashian’s Robbery Report Details ReleasedMonths after getting robbed for millions at gun point, we can look at actual report details in Kim’s own words.
Officer Punches Woman In The Face! [Video]This video is shocking!
Lil Wayne Says He Doesn't Know What Racism Is [VIDEO]Lil Wayne shared an experience with a white police officer when he was a kid that changed his views on racism forever.
Weird News: Denzel Washington Strangled Aretha Franklin?Everything about this story is very bizarre!

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