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Woman Complains to Cops About Laced Meth, Gets Arrested for Meth

Lynette Rae Sampson bought some meth in Oklahoma that she suspected had been laced with a foreign substance, according to the ENID News. So, naturally, she called the cops to complain about the impure “ice.“ […]

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Vandal Spray-Paints “Learn to Park” on Cars in Queens

According to CBS New York, two motorists in Queens, New York, received a message from a local vandal, who spray-painted their cars with “Learn to Park S**tbag“ and “Hey S**tbag Park Right“ earlier this week. […]

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The Worst Shoplifters EVER! See What They Did!

One lady stole a flashy dress and got busted when she posted pics of her wearing it on Facebook! Another lady tried to steal a sex toy- in her baby’s stroller! You can’t make this stuff up…

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Dozens Stranded When Lofty SeaWorld Ride Malfunctions

Dozens of people were stranded for hours more than 200 feet up on a revolving tower at SeaWorld San Diego yesterday when a power failure stalled the ride according to CNN. Forty-eight visitors and two […]

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Missing Detroit Boy Found Alive in His Own Basement

A 12-year-old boy in Detroit who’d been the subject of a desperate police search since he’d gone missing a week and a half ago was found alive and well yesterday in the basement of his […]

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Cops Sing Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’ In Patrol Car [VIDEO]

When these cops aren’t busy cleaning up the streets, they’re bumping Katy Perry and Juicy J’s song ‘Dark Horse’ and having a jam session in the patrol car! Watch the video…

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Would-Be Teen Murderer Catfished by Her Aunt

Recently, Marisa Williams’ aunt forbade her from inviting strange men she met online over to the Alabama home they shared, so the 19-year-old blocked her aunt on Facebook. In turn, that aunt created an alias […]

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Truck Wrecks Into Car To Stop Police Chase [VIDEO]

Police were chasing a 14-year-old who took his grandpa’s car out for a joy ride over the weekend. Eye witnesses say that the kid was driving very fast and almost hit children so somebody decided to put a stop to the chase… by crashing their huge truck into the speeding car! It was caught on tape too…

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Maserati, Jewelry Stolen From Miley Cyrus’ Home

Miley Cyrus’ Studio City, California home was broken into over the weekend according to E! Online. Los Angeles police say that a man and a woman scaled a fence to get in, then took off with a […]

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Ray J Arrested For Spitting On Cops!

While we were sleeping last night, Ray J got turnt up, spit on a cop, kicked out a window in a patrol car AND GOT ARRESTED! See what happened…

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Brad Pitt Punched In The Face At Maleficent Premiere

Brad Pitt was allegedly punched in the face by a random man at last night’s premiere of Angelina Jolie’s new film Maleficent. According to Us Weekly, Pitt was at the El Capitan theater in Hollywood for […]

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Cop Stops Traffic For Mama Duck And Ducklings To Cross Road [VIDEO]

A police officer in Wisconsin stopped traffic on busy road to help a mama duck and her ducklings cross the road- and it was all caught on a dashboard cam! Check out the video… From […]

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Tupac’s Last Words Were ____ ___!

A former Las Vegas PD officer said that after Tupac was shot in 1996, Pac was lay dying in the officer’s arms uttered his last words! See what he said to the police officer…

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Shovel Fight Goes Viral, Police Investigating [VIDEO]

A fight between two girls, one of whom threw a shovel at the the other girls head, went viral and now the police are investigating! See the raw, uncensored fight and what charges the girl that threw the shovel could be facing. WARNING! VIDEO CONTAINS EXTREME VIOLENCE AND FOUL LANGUAGE!

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Cop Pulls People Over, Gives Them $100 Instead of Tickets

As part of their Prank It Forward campaign, humor website Break took to the streets of Los Angeles to pull over drivers and reward them for driving safely. Buzzfeed reported when the officer asked the […]

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