Fakes Signs Posted In Minneapolis That Warn People Of 'Easily Startled' PoliceThe signs have a picture of an officer with a gun in each raised hand, shooting in both directions.
WATCH: Viral Video Shows Former Taco Bell Employee, Manager Throwing Tea Dispensers In Wild ConfrontationWarning: the videos contain strong language and a perfect example of how to waste perfectly good iced tea.
Skaters And Police Clash At Event In San Francisco. [Video]It got heated when it looked like the police officer intentionally pushed the skater into his patrol car. Check out the video, what do you think?
Bodycam Footage Of Shia LeBeouf Arrest Leaked Online [VIDEO]Troubled actor Shia LaBeouf has been arrested again, and the bodycam footage is not pretty...
Police Announce Venus Williams Caused Fatal Car AccidentInvestigators have said Williams blew through a red light, causing the crash that killed another person.
You Were Arrested For What???This man could build a mighty good lawsuit against cops who kept him locked up for 90 days after arresting him on charges of hauling a load of cocaine
Family Seen On 'Wife Swap' At The Center Of Double Murder25-year-old son Jacob Stockdale has reportedly shot and killed his mother, Katheryn, and younger brother, James. 
Man Pretending To Be A Police Officer Pulled Over Real Cop [VIDEO]A man pretending to be a police officer pulled a car over, only to realize the man he pulled over was an off-duty cop!
Half-Naked Woman Drives Through Police To Avoid Paying Plastic Surgery Bill [VIDEO]This woman drove through gun-wielding police officers to avoid paying her plastic surgery bill!
Sacramento Man Caught Jaywalking Beaten And Arrested [VIDEO]The Sacramento Police Department has initiated a probe into an incident that lead to a jaywalking pedestrian being thrown to the ground and beaten by police
Young Thug Escapes Five Felony Charges Due To Police MistakeYoung Thug just beat some very serious charges brought against him, but only because of a technicality.
Man Gets Out Of Ticket By.... Juggling?! [VIDEO]

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