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These People Got Christmas Gifts Instead Of Tickets From The Cops! [VIDEO]

Imagine getting pulled over by the cops and instead of getting a ticket, you got Christmas presents! It really happened! See the video…

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Should Female Cops Be In Trouble For Posting Sexy Pics In Uniform? [PICS]

Some female police officers could be in a lot of trouble for posting pics of themselves in uniform on social media. See why and check out some of the pics…

102.5 KSFM–12/01/2014

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Officer Darren Wilson Resigns From Ferguson Police Department

Darren Wilson, the Caucasian police officer who was not indicted for the shooting death of teen Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, has left the Ferguson police force. The New York Times reports that Officer Darren […]

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Chaos Breaks Out At Free Hair Extension Giveaway, Police Use Pepper Spray [VIDEO]

An Orlando beauty supply store was having a grand opening and giving away free hair extensions! Women began lining up hours before the store opened and once it did, chaos broke out and cops used pepper spray […]

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Man’s 2,230-Mile ‘Test Drive’ In Porsche Gets Him Arrested

According to NWF Daily News, on June 30, 2011, Jeffrey Crystal rolled into a Florida car dealership with a $109,588 check, and rolled out in a new Porsche. A few days later, however, the dealership […]

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Cop Gives Single Mom Car Seat Instead Of A Ticket After Pulling Her Over [PICS]

A single mother was pulled over by a cop and he noticed that she didn’t have her child in a car seat. Instead of giving her a ticket, he told her to follow him to Walmart and bought her kid a car seat! See the pics…

102.5 KSFM–10/08/2014

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Police Respond to False Stephen Collins Suicide Report

US Weekly is reporting that cops responded to a report of a suicide at the Tarzana, California, home of 7th Heaven star Stephen Collins yesterday evening, only to find that Collins was not home and […]

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‘7th Heaven’ Dad Confesses To Child Molestation On Tape 

The New York Police Department has opened an investigation into a tape that allegedly features 7th Heaven actor Stephen Collins admitting he was a child molester. TMZ reports that the tape features Collins telling his […]

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Stripper Says Drake Threatened Her To Not Talk About Having Sex With Him

A stripper says that after she had sex with Drake, he was scared that she would talk publicly about it so he started sending her “angry” texts and she claims that “his people” came to her house and threatened her life! See what she claims…

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Bullies Take Advantage of Autistic Boy During ALS Ice Bucket Challenge [VIDEO]

Fox 8 in Ohio reported that an ALS ice bucket challenge went very, very wrong. A 15-year-old autistic boy thought he was doing something good to raise awareness for ALS by taking part in the […]

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Blood Orange’s Dev Hynes Speaks on Ferguson and Being Assaulted at Lollapalooza: Watch

Hynes keeps it very real during a new interview, which is interspersed with video from a recent performance in New York’s Central Park.


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Killer Mike Addresses the ‘Thrill-Seeking Cops’ of Ferguson: ‘We Pay Them to Protect Us, Not to Simply Engage and Cage Us’

“I have no hope-filled insight to deliver. I only have this warning to all Americans: Whatever this country is willing to do to the least of us, it will one day do to us all.”


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Police Release Name of Cop Who Shot Michael Brown

Police in Ferguson, Missouri, have finally released the name of the Caucasian officer who shot and killed unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown, who was African-American. The officer’s name is Darren Wilson, a six-year veteran of the […]

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Cops Do Dance Off With Kids In The Street! [VIDEO]

How cool is this? These cops were on patrol and challenged these kids to a dance off! It was all caught on video and *Spoiler Alert* the cops lost to the kids! Check out the video that is going viral…

102.5 KSFM–08/13/2014

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Porn Industry Crowdfunding Beaten Adult Star’s Facial Surgery

Members of the porn industry are raising funds for adult-film star Christy Mack, who will likely need facial reconstruction after enduring a brutal beating over the weekend at the hands of her ex-boyfriend, mixed martial […]

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