Brendan Dassey Transferred to Max Security Prison
Woman Who Ran Over People On Vegas Strip Faces 1,000+ Years In PrisonLakeisha Holloway, the woman who drove her car down the Las Vegas strip (killing 1 person and injuring 30+ more), got hit with new charges today and faces 1,000+ years in prison!
Prisoner Tries To Escape Through Toilet, Gets Stuck [VIDEO]This guy was so desperate to escape jail that he tried to climb through a communal toilet to get to the outside! He ended up getting stuck and had to be rescued. See the video...
Lil Boosie Asks Fans to Pray For Him After Finding Out He Has Cancer
Would YOU Support A Prison Guarded By Hungry Crocodiles So Prisoners Can't Escape?Indonesian officials have proposed building a prison on an island surrounded by hungry crocodiles to house death row convicts so that they can't escape. If they try to escape, they'll get eaten! See the plan...
Phoenix Sundown Insane Jail Interview [VIDEO]
Jared The Subway Guy Turned Himself Into The FBI
Woman Shaved Dead Skin Off Her Feet Into Milk
22-Year-Old Arrested For Wrongful Windex Use
Floyd Mayweather Not Paying Suge Knight's Bail
Did You Catch The Roast Of Justin Bieber
Man Released From Prison After Sending An Email Saying To Let Him Go!This guy didn't want to be in jail anymore so he came up with a pretty good scheme: he sent an email to the prison telling them to let him go! And it worked! See what he did...

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