Kevin Gates Sentenced To 30 More Months In PrisonThe "2 Phones" rapper was facing 10 years in prison for felony gun possession
BREAKING NEWS: Corrections Officers Held Hostage At Max Security Prison In DelawareScary situation in Delaware.
Prisoners Did the Mannequin Challenge from Jail.Authorities in San Diego are looking into a video of a bunch of PRISONERS doing the Mannequin Challenge.
Brock Turner Is Getting Released From Jail This FridayBrock Turner is getting out of jail after only serving 3 months behind bars.
BREAKING NEWS-Brendan Dassey From Making A Murderer Ordered To Be Released From PrisonBrendan Dassey is being released from Prison.
An Inmate Beat Up Jared Fogle!Like we didn't know this was coming.
Making A Murderer Season 2People around the world fell in love with the Neflix original documentary, "Making a Murderer" which follows the life of Steven Avery who is currently serving a life sentence for a murder he is saying he didn't commit.
Couple Hired A Hitman Named 'Joanie Pepperoni'Doesn't the name "Joanie Pepperoni" sound like a name from that show Recess? Or maybe even Bobby's World, remember that show? What I'm getting at is it sounds like a fake name.........because it is.
Court Sentences 4-Year-Old Boy To LIFE In Prison For Murder!People are OUTRAGED after hearing that a 4-year-old boy was sentenced to LIFE in prison for murder - and it's all a mistake! See what happened...
Brendan Dassey Transferred to Max Security Prison
Woman Who Ran Over People On Vegas Strip Faces 1,000+ Years In PrisonLakeisha Holloway, the woman who drove her car down the Las Vegas strip (killing 1 person and injuring 30+ more), got hit with new charges today and faces 1,000+ years in prison!
Prisoner Tries To Escape Through Toilet, Gets Stuck [VIDEO]This guy was so desperate to escape jail that he tried to climb through a communal toilet to get to the outside! He ended up getting stuck and had to be rescued. See the video...

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