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Actor Idris Elba is pictured behind the scenes on set whilst filming his first short film directorial debut, Unstoppable. (Photo by PepsiCo via Getty Images)

15 Songs That Should Be Adapted Into Movies

If you’d like to see them, put on the song, close your eyes and play the movie inside of your head. It won’t cost you $17 and the price point on store-bought popcorn is far more reasonable.


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Rebecca Black Drops New Song ‘Saturday’

Rebecca Black, the girl behind 2011 viral sensation “Friday,” is back with a new song titled — but of course — “Saturday.” “Yesterday was Friday,” she says in a wink to her previous “hit.”


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Rebecca Black is Back With a New Song & Video Called “Saturday”

She had over 60 million views on YouTube with her silly but yet catchy song “Friday.” So how do you follow up that success? Make a song called “Saturday.” Yes, the young internet viral singing […]


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Worse Than Rebecca Black?

Remember Rebecca Black and her song Friday? We all do. Not for any good reasons either. The song was horrible. Now Pato Muzic the company that sells those “star in a pop music video” packages […]

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Internet Sensation Kitty Pryde Raps The “National Anthem Of Justin Bieber”

The Internet is going crazy for 19 year old Florida rapper Kitty Pryde’s track “Ok Cupid.” You could say she’s the bad girl’s Rebecca Black (although she sounds nothing like Black) or a cooler, less […]


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Most Viral Videos Of 2011

There were a lot of great viral videos this year like Fenton the dog, the annoying Nyan cat and the even MORE annoying Friday video by Rebecca Black. My personal favorite was the little girl […]


‘Glee’ Has Fun, Fun, Fun With Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’

[Photo Gallery] Glee’s Matthew Morrison Through The Yearsview gallery Just yesterday, we were riding on a wave of Glee euphoria after their perfectly-pitched “Rumours” episode with all [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Fleetwood Mac[/lastfm] songs. This past week, the people […]


"Glee" Cast To Cover Rebecca Black's Viral Video Hit "Friday"

Both New York Magazine’s Vulture Blog and Rolling Stone have confirmed awesome rumors that the Glee cast will be doing a cover of [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Rebecca Black[/lastfm]’s 100 million view garnering YouTube travesty/hit “Friday.” What? How? […]


Rebecca Black Gets Career Boost From Ryan Seacrest

13-year-old Rebecca Black — the phenom behind that “Friday” song — has a good mentor, as in  Ryan Seacrest … because R.S. just helped Rebecca sign with a big music manager.


Rebecca Black Gets Love From Gaga; Gives Love To Japan

Rebecca Black has been a dirty word on the internet for the last few weeks.  She is only 13 years old and has a catchy song on You Tube….that most people hate.  Some hate it […]