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Woman Divorces Husband After One Week Because His Penis Is Too Big!

This couple had only been married a week before the wife filed for an annulment! She said that having relations with her husband was “too much to bear” because of his huge…


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Kanye Had To Take 30 Showers Before He Got With Kim

We all saw the twitter beef between Amber Rose and Khloe Kardashian this week which started over Khloe’s half sister Kylie, dating rapper Tyga. Things got pretty heated on Twitter and in the comments section […]

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Watch This Woman DESTROY Her Cheating Boyfriend’s Car! [VIDEO]

When this lady found out that her boyfriend was cheating, she destroyed his car! Somebody busted out their phone and filmed her in the act! See the video…

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Woman Finds Pics Of Husband’s Wedding To Another Woman On Facebook! [PICS]

When this lady looked at her husband’s pics on Facebook, she found pics of his wedding- TO ANOTHER WOMAN! See what happened next…

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Husband Passed Away, Wife Receives Flowers From Him on Valentine’s Day! [PICS]

Before this woman’s husband passed away from a brain tumor, he made sure that the love of his life will get flowers from him every Valentine’s Day! Read more about this sweet story…

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Woman Donates Kidney To Stranger, Falls In Love. They Are Engaged! [PICS]

When this lady heard that a stranger needed a kidney to save his life, she gave him one of hers. She ended up stealing his heart though and now they are engaged and expecting!

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Rihanna Put Leonardo DiCaprio On A Diet To Lose Weight! [REPORT]

Anybody who follows Rihanna knows that she LOVES to show off her body and now that she’s allegedly dating Leonardo DiCaprio, she wants him to lose weight!

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Woman Pretends That She Died To Man She Met Online Who Couldn’t Take A Hint!

This woman met a guy online and when she tried to break it off, he couldn’t take a hint so she faked her own death! See the pics…

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Wife Catches Husband Cheating, Cuts Off His Penis…TWO DIFFERENT TIMES! [PICS]

When this woman caught her husband cheating on her, she cut off his manhood with scissors! He was rushed to the hospital to have it reattached and she went to the hospital cut it off again!

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Ariana Grande, Big Sean Were In Lake Tahoe! He Carried Her! [PICS]

Over the weekend, there were rumors that Ariana Grande and Big Sean called it quits but they were actually together… right up Highway 50 IN LAKE TAHOE! Oh, and he carried her too! Pics are on the link…

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See Why This Guy Only Had Part Of His Head Shaved In His Mug Shot! [PIC]

A man got got into a fight over a girl and after he assaulted somebody, he tried to shave his head to look different… but the cops caught him halfway through his haircut! See the pic…

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Woman Rejects Man On Facebook So He Burned Her House Down!

This man was trying to leave comments on this woman’s Facebook pics and she asked him to stop… so he got mad and BURNED DOWN her house!

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Buying A Fake Pregnancy Test To “Trap” A Man Could Be Blackmail!

Girls on Craigslist are selling their positive pregnancy tests to women who want to “trap” their man so that they don’t get dumped during the holidays… but the girls who buy the tests could catch charges from it!

102.5 KSFM–12/22/2014

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Woman Catches Boyfriend Cheating And Runs Him Off The Road! [VIDEO]

This is crazy! A woman caught her boyfriend driving with another woman in his car and she used her car to run them off the road and into a pole! And there’s video of it happening!

102.5 KSFM–12/18/2014


Woman Catches Husband Cheating With Her Sister! [PICS]

This woman caught her husband “in the act” of cheating with her twin sister in a parked car! See what she did next!

102.5 KSFM–12/16/2014



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