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January Jones Talks Getting Revenge on Her Ex on Tonight Show

During her Friday appearance on the Tonight Show, January Jones revealed that she pranked her ex-boyfriend from high school — who is now a realtor — into thinking she was planning to purchase a $2 […]

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The Bachelor: Juan Pablo Picks Nikki, But Proposes to Nobody

Juan Pablo proved on last night’s finale that he is, hands down, the worst Bachelor ever. The final two women, Clare and Nikki, gushed about wanting to be his wife. Juan Pablo’s response: “Can I keep […]

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Eight New Relationship Statuses That Need To Be On Facebook

Facebook currently offers less than a dozen options for users to define their relationship status by. But what if you’re somewhere between single and in a relationship? What if “it’s complicated“ is a gross understatement […]

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London Shop Offers ‘Voodoo Your Ex’ Service 

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, a London store called “The Last Tuesday Society” is offering custom-made voodoo dolls to help all the slighted lovers out there get revenge on their ex. According to its […]

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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez On Again Off Again

You rarely see adult celebrities breaking up and getting back together with their exes. Once they’re done, they are normally done for good. Leave it to the teenagers to play the “break up, get back […]

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E-40 Gives Relationship Advice

Bay area rapper E-40 has not only been in the music game for a long time but he has also been in the love game for a long time…going on 29 years! High school sweethearts […]

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Every Girls Cure All for a Breakup. [PICTURES]

Yesterday it had been a week since my boyfriend broke up with me. I had never gone through a breakup like that before, it was the can’t eat, can’t sleep, can’t THINK straight break up […]

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What your favorite ice cream flavor says about your sex life

Chocolate? Cookie Dough? Rocky Road? What’s your favorite ice cream flavor and what does it mean for your sex life? Find out…

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Beyonce Thinks She Knows When Your Relationship Is In Trouble

Beyonce reveals one telling sign your relationship might be in jeopardy.



Elvis Presley’s Granddaughter Riley Keough Dating Robert Pattinson

Wherever Kristen Stewart is today, I’m sure she’s making an extra sour face because her ex Rob Pattinson is dating somebody new… and the girl is Elvis Presley’s granddaughter!

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Kiss, You’re on the Kiss Cam

If you’ve ever been to a sporting event you know exactly what a kiss cam is and if you’re a guy you know to NEVER turn your girl down on the kiss cam unless you […]

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Chris Brown’s Father Doesn’t Want Son Dating Rihanna

Well Father’s Day is going to be awkward! It seems that Chris Brown‘s own father, Clinton Brown  has the same feeling as Rihanna‘s fans when it comes to Chris and RiRi rekindling the fire! “I […]

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Girlfriend’s Super Hot Sauce Revenge [Video]

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. That saying comes to mind after seeing this video. A few months ago the popular YouTube couple (Jesse and Jeana) known as PrankvsPrank posted a video where […]

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It Takes Women Seven and a Half Months to Become Comfortable With a Guy . . . Here Are the Five Ways to Tell When It Happens

According to a new survey by a British website called, it takes the average woman seven and a half months to feel totally comfortable with a new boyfriend. That’s much longer than men . […]


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How Long Girls Wait to Let Guys See Their Naked……Faces

If you’re a girl you know what it’s like to be in a new relationship and want to always look FANTASTIC. For some girls that means waking up earlier than your man just to freshen […]

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