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Baby North West Revealed [PHOTO]

The Kris Jenner show has been on TV for a few weeks now as a trial run to try and get picked up by the FOX network. To try and boost ratings and get picked […]

102.5 KSFM–08/23/2013

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Justin Bieber Performs “Boyfriend” On ‘The Voice’

[photogallerylink id=109239 align=left] [mp3com-artist]Justin Bieber[/mp3com-artist] had all of his swag in tow when he performed his smash hit ‘Boyfriend’ on the season finale of ‘The Voice’ last night. Now 18 years-old, Bieber looks much older in […]


[Video] American Idol Performance Surprises!

[photogallerylink id=37865 align=left] Well ladies and gentlemen you next ‘American Idol’ is country singing Scotty McCreery! Shocker? Not really… but what was shocking last night on the season finale of ‘American Idol’ were the awesome […]


Justin Timberlake & Lady Gaga On Season Finale Of SNL!

[lastfm link_type=””]Justin Timberlake[/lastfm] is back on the Saturday Night Live stage this weekend but this time it’s with [lastfm link_type=””]LadyGaga[/lastfm]!


‘Glee’ Cast Perform Original Track For Season Finale

The season finale of [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Glee[/lastfm] isn’t until May 24th, but we have already uncovered an original track that the [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]New Directions[/lastfm] will use at Nationals. Do you feel it’s strong enough to win […]


Amazing LOST Finale Viewing Party Invites – throw your own LOST party!

This smash hit TV show LOST finale is TONIGHT. I can’t believe it’s gonna end y’all. I love this show. As expected, tons of viewing parties are cropping up nationwide. Many invites are incredible and […]


‘Bones’ Finale Brings Some ‘Big Changes,’ Emily Deschanel Says

“Bones” is set to end its fifth season Thursday night (May 20), and the show’s female lead, Emily Deschanel, said there are big changes about to go down at the Jeffersonian — which means someone […]


Tony Cowell’s American Idol Recap

Tony Cowell (Simon’s brother) called in this morning (all the way from Europe) to give us his weekly American Idol Recap.  If you missed it, he told us who he thought was going home tonight […]


‘Lost’ Star Michael Emerson Will Miss ‘Exotic Adventure’ Of The Island

On Tuesday night’s “Lost,” Michael Emerson’s Benjamin Linus was pulled in two directions. On the Island, the always-devious former Other recovered from his recent efforts to repent, killing Charles Widmore and allying himself with the […]