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Jared Fogle Is Suing One Of His Victim's ParentsJared Fogle must be slowing losing his mind in prison if he thinks he will win this lawsuit.
Guy Finds Dead Mouse In His Subway Sandwich! See The Gross Photo! [PICS]A man hit up his local Subway for a sandwich and found a dead mouse under his spinach! See the disgusting pic...
Guy Films Maggots In His Subway Sandwich [VIDEO]A guy claims that he and his pregnant wife got some Subway sandwiches and when she opened her sandwich, they saw maggots crawling around in it! See the video that they shot...
Jared The Subway Guy Turned Himself Into The FBI
If You Saw Brandy Singing In Public, Would YOU Know Who She Was? These People Didn't! [VIDEO]Brandy was taped singing in public and while everybody heard her, NOBODY CARED and nobody even recognized her either! See the video (it's kinda sad)...
Subway Jared's Home Was Raided For A Child Porn Investigation
'Walking Dead' Star Goes On A Crazy, Shouting Rant On A Subway In NYC
Little Girl Starts A Dance Party At A NYC Subway Station! [Video]
Man Robs Subways Because 'Jared Sandwich Diet' Didn't Work For Him!A man reportedly robbed four Subway sandwich shops in 4 days because he was mad that the "Subway Diet" that Jared Fogle lost hella weight on- didn't work for him! LOL!
[Video] Rat Attacks Camera Man In NYC
Mariah Carey Rides The Subway In New York! [VIDEO]Mariah Carey does a lot of "eccentric" stuff so you would never really expect to see her doing something "normal," right? People on the subway in NYC got a surprise when Mariah jumped on to ride with them! If you need to see it for yourself to make sure it's true, check out the videos!
Rat On The Subway Freaks People Out In NYC [VIDEO]If you've ever been to New York City, you probably saw rats running around the streets. They're everywhere! But a rat somehow managed to get on the subway and freaked out everybody in the car! Check out the video!

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