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Little Girl Starts A Dance Party At A NYC Subway Station! [Video]

This little girl will definitely make your Friday that much better! Watch as this cute little girl gets down to a cover of The Grateful Dead’s “Me and My Uncle” being performed by someone in a […]

102.5 KSFM–12/05/2014

Zachary Rapheal Torrance (Hueytown Police)

Man Robs Subways Because ‘Jared Sandwich Diet’ Didn’t Work For Him!

A man reportedly robbed four Subway sandwich shops in 4 days because he was mad that the “Subway Diet” that Jared Fogle lost hella weight on- didn’t work for him! LOL!

102.5 KSFM–11/03/2014


[Video] Rat Attacks Camera Man In NYC

Looks like Ricky Rat was feeling the paparazzi pressure and went Kanye on someone video taping him while he was making his way through the subway of NYC! Check the video below,  EW!    


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Mariah Carey Rides The Subway In New York! [VIDEO]

Mariah Carey does a lot of “eccentric” stuff so you would never really expect to see her doing something “normal,” right? People on the subway in NYC got a surprise when Mariah jumped on to ride with them! If you need to see it for yourself to make sure it’s true, check out the videos!

102.5 KSFM–05/30/2014

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Rat On The Subway Freaks People Out In NYC [VIDEO]

If you’ve ever been to New York City, you probably saw rats running around the streets. They’re everywhere! But a rat somehow managed to get on the subway and freaked out everybody in the car! Check out the video!

102.5 KSFM–04/08/2014

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17 Rappers With Surprising Past Careers

Don’t you wonder what some of your favorite rappers did before they were famous? posted a list of 17 rappers who had surprising past careers and here they are…. 1. Tupac was a ballet […]

102.5 KSFM–10/16/2013

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Jay-Z Rides Subway, Makes New Friend

He has millions, but still rides the subway?! That’s Jay-Z for you, just a down to earth, average guy apparently who takes the train just like anyone else.


Rihanna Takes London Subway – To Her Own Concert

[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Rihanna[/lastfm] knows how to roll up to her own concert in style. Back on October 5th Ri-Ri took London’s subway, or ‘tube’ as they call it, to her own sold-out concert. The passengers didn’t know […]


Subway Passed McDonald’s and is Now the World’s Biggest Chain

The day JARED FOGLE was featured in the Indiana University student newspaper for losing weight just by eating Subway sandwiches . . . who would’ve guessed that he’d CHANGE THE WORLD?


Skins Creator Defends Shows As Advertisers Bail

“Skins” co-creator Bryan Elsley is defending his MTV show as a “serious attempt to get to the roots of young people’s lives” even as advertisers continue to be skittish about the controversial new TV show.


Band With No Instruments Rocks With iPhones

Last week, Brooklyn, NY-based band [lastfm]Atomic Tom[/lastfm] had their instruments stolen before a gig. Being very tech savvy, the pulled a stunt on a moving subway train that should probably be an iPhone commercial, using […]


Subway is sending cease-and-desist letters to restaurants…

You know those commercials for Subway’s “five-dollar footlong” subs? Well recently, Subway applied for a trademark on the word “footlong” when it’s used to describe a sandwich. And to show they mean business, they’ve started […]


Where do Cannibals go for a cheap meal?

Subway has had a lot of success with their catchy “Five Dollar Footlong” song.  Here is a new song for the new restaurant that caters to Cannibals: YUMMY!  LOL! What other types of sandwiches can you come […]