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First Look At The CBS ‘Supergirl’ Series [VIDEO]

I am SUPER excited to finally see the trailer for the next big DC Comics television series SUPERGIRL!  The new show is scheduled to air this fall on CBS and stars Glee‘s Melissa Benoist as […]

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Best Of San Diego Comic Con Cosplay [Video]

Comic Con certainly put a damper on my Halloween plans. Who can compete with the amazing costumes of the all mighty Cosplayers? Yes that’s a word. For those who don’t know ‘Cosplay’ is when you […]

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Kittens Wearing Capes Fly In Slow Motion [Video]

Have you ever wondered what it takes to create a viral video? There is a secret recipe for a creating internet gold.  The answer is simple really.  Just make a video that includes cute kittens, […]

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Manga And Anime Enthusiasts Take Part In The Hyper Japan Festival

Comic Con 2012 Cosplay

If you find yourself at Comic Con then there’s no way  you could  miss all of the amazing costumes people wear of  their favorite characters… Funny thing is,  I don’t remember  EVER seeing girls like […]


Madame Tussauds New York's Interactive Marvel Super Hero Experience

Superhero Movie Mash-up [Video]

Tomorrow the “Avengers” hits the big screen and I can’t wait!  Superhero movies seem to have dominated Hollywood for a while now, and just to refresh your memory of all the comic book inspired films […]


San Diego Prepares For Comic-Con 2011

The Avengers On A Budget [Video]

Marvel Studio’s  summer movie blockbuster “The Avengers” arrives in theaters May 4th if ya didn’t know. ..But really,  you  can’t turn your TV on without seeing a commercial filled with multimillion dollar special effects flashing […]


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Cosplay Of WonderCon 2012 [Video]

I’ve been a comic book fan my entire life and I have NEVER seen girls like this hanging on at my local comic shop…I guess that’s what makes comic conventions so special. Forget the comic […]


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Flying People in New York City

If you live in the Big Apple then your probably used to seeing some strange things…but flying people? Well, that’s exactly what some  New yorkers have spotted over the past few days. Where they birds? […]


Chronicle Trailer [Video]

20th Century Fox just released the trailer for a film called Chronicle,  a fictional Documentary style movie about a group of teenage friends who somehow develop superpowers.  The film doesn’t come out until February 3rd […]


Jay’s Video Game Pick Of The Week [Video]

If you had the pleasure of playing Batman: Arkham Asylum,  then you know it was the Greatest Superhero game of all time. Well,  after tomorrow it wont be anymore.  That’s because the Sequel  Batman: Arkham […]


Superman Returns Deleted Scene Now Online [Video]

Remember Bryan Singer’s “Superman Returns” ?  There was a scene that was cut from the original release that featured Superman returning to his home world of Krypton, but was cut and never seen until now.   […]


The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer is Here [video]

I’m excited to say that the teaser Trailer for the new Spider-man reboot is here! The Film is officially titled ” The Amazing Spider-Man.”  Staring Andrew Garfield as your favorite wall crawler.  Looks pretty Sweet!


Nicki Minaj & Will.I.Am Are Superheros

[lastfm]Will.I.Am[/lastfm] and [lastfm]Nicki Minaj [/lastfm]show off there superhero swag for there new single “Check It Out”. The song goes to iTunes tomorrow and The pop tune, which will be included on Nicki’s debut album [lastfm]Pink […]


Taylor Lautner Calls ‘Stretch Armstrong’ Superpower The ‘Worst’

Taylor Lautner is looking to go from one shape-shifter to another. As the 18-year-old actor heads off in the fall to shoot the final two parts of the “Twilight” series for “Breaking Dawn” — slipping […]


‘Kick-Ass’ Stars Feel Heroic At Premiere

The acclaim has reached a fever pitch. The audience is already dressing up as characters they haven’t even met yet. And at the “Kick-Ass” premiere Tuesday night, the cast couldn’t have been any happier that […]