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Tax Day

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Tax Day Freebies And Deals! [List]

Today is tax day, and don’t feel so bad if you are one of the many that aren’t receiving a refund this year. Cheer up Charlie, and check out these businesses around the area that […]

102.5 KSFM–04/15/2014

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Tax Relief On Tax Day

First of all I would like to thank Sarah and the crew at Mellow Me Out Spa and Salon for having us out this morning. Juan Valdez posted up at the Mellow Me Out at […]

102.5 KSFM–04/15/2013


In The Streets With Juan Valdez

Monday is Tax day!  And we want to give you some tax relief by giving you a massage.   JuanValdez from Wayne Jay and Megan in the morning will be out in the streets on […]



Wayne Jay & Lexi’s Tacks The Taxman

Tax day is a real pain in the a$$  for a lot of people. But if your  Juan Valdez , then it literally WAS  just that. You see, Wayne, Jay & Lexi sent Juan Valdez […]


Pamela Anderson explains ‘DWTS’ to Larry King

“You’re a seductive, sexy person,” said Larry King last night as he grilled Pamela Anderson on his CNN show. Pam said her tax woes are “being resolved,” she’s single, Kate Gosselin’s “sweet,” partner Damian Whitewood […]


Today is Tax Day!

Comedian Bryson Turner talks about how his mom still does his taxes: Does your mom still do your taxes? Were you lucky this year and get money back or did you have to pay Uncle […]


What Bush is doing right now…

Once again former President Bush needs help understanding Tax Day…