The Avengers

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Avengers: Age Of Ultron New Extended Trailer!

THIS LOOKS AWESOME! Are you totally nerding out like I am about this? A teaser trailer was released about a week ago but this “special look” video is a gillion times better! Check it out

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Thor 2: The Dark World Trailer

I’ve been waiting for this! The trailer for Thor 2: The Dark World has arrived. The sequel is the follow-up to Marvel’s The Avengers and the first Thor movie starring Natalie Portman as Jane Foster, […]

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The Movies Of 2012 [Video]

Even today one of my favorite things to do is going to the movies. Nothing else is better at making you forget the real world for a while as you’re immersed in a good film. […]

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Avengers Super Hero Cypher

Since Halloween is right around the corner and BET just had their 2012 Hip-Hop Awards show, I felt it was only right to show you all what the two would look like if they were […]

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The Avengers Honest Trailer

Geeks and movie buffs rejoice! The wait is finally over for the one of the summer’s biggest blockbusters. The Avengers is now out on  DVD and Blu-Ray. I gotta wonder though..Will the movie be just as […]

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Madame Tussauds New York's Interactive Marvel Super Hero Experience

Superhero Movie Mash-up [Video]

Tomorrow the “Avengers” hits the big screen and I can’t wait!  Superhero movies seem to have dominated Hollywood for a while now, and just to refresh your memory of all the comic book inspired films […]


San Diego Prepares For Comic-Con 2011

The Avengers On A Budget [Video]

Marvel Studio’s  summer movie blockbuster “The Avengers” arrives in theaters May 4th if ya didn’t know. ..But really,  you  can’t turn your TV on without seeing a commercial filled with multimillion dollar special effects flashing […]


The Avengers Trailer [VIDEO]

It is finally here. The trailer for  The Avengers ! “Nuff said.”


No Superman Film In 2012

2012 is  shaping up to be a epic year  for the superhero genre at the box office.  Marvel Comics has  The Amazing Spider-Man  and The Avengers .  While rival comic publisher DC Comics has a […]


"Thor" Cast Talks Movie, Music and Marvel

Hollywood is rampant with superheroes. You could go see Thor because it’s a great superhero movie. Or, you could see Thor because it’s a massive, science-fiction experience. If that’s not your fancy, check out the […]


Demi Lovato Will Not Be Avenged

A recent rumor claims  that Demi Lovato , 18,  is up for a role in the Joss Whedon-directed film  “The Avengers.”, which has a cast that includes Robert Downey Jr. as  Iron Man , Chris […]


Jeremy Renner on Hawkeye’s Avengers Costume

MTV squeezed in a couple of questions about Hawkeye in The Avengers when they interviewed Jeremy Renner for The Town.


Chris Hemsworth Talks Bloody Battle Between Thor And Loki

Does Thor fight Loki? “Thor” and future “Avengers” star Chris Hemsworth dropped a lot of headline-worthy news on us when he stopped by MTV’s Comic-Con live stream last weekend. He talked about landing the role […]


‘Avengers’ Heroes All Have ‘Big Egos,’ Chris Hemsworth Says

After debuting to a raucous crowd at San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend, the key players comprising “The Avengers” gang are now set. What’s not yet clear is which of the superheroes in this Marvel […]


Robert Downey Jr.: Marvel Ambassador?

These days, it seems, everyone has Marvel madness. “Iron Man 2” might be the most anticipated film of the year, those who’ve visited the “Thor” set are buzzing about the 2011 blockbuster, Chris Evans has […]