Justin Bieber Cancels Shows Because He's Too Emotional
[VIDEO] Holly Holm Defends Ronda Rousey "I Don't Wish Any Hate On Her"Ronda Rousey is getting beat up by haters (more than she did in the ring by Holly Holm) for losing her fight, but Holly Holm is coming to her defense! See the awesome things that Holly said about Ronda...
Drake Was At The Kings Game Last Night [PICS]
[VIDEO] Hot Calculus Teacher Dressed Up Like Drake & Did Hotline Bling Dance
Special Message From Doc Brown on Back To The Future Day
Does This Guy From ISIS Look Like Drake To YOU? [PICS]A pic of a member of ISIS is making its rounds on the internet today because people are saying that the guy in the pic looks just like Drake! See the pic...
A Guy In San Francisco Was Talked Down From A Ledge By His Cat
Disney Announced 6 New Pixar Movies
Celebrities Read Mean Tweets LIVE [Video]
Woman Posts Insensitive Tweet About 'Dead Cop,' Gets Arrested!This woman sent out an insensitive Tweet about the cop who was shot while he was pumping gas and ended with her getting this mug shot! See what happened...
Kylie Jenner Launches Anti Bullying Campaign on Instagram
Justin Bieber Drops 'What Do You Mean?' [VIDEO]
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Sacramento Ranks In The Top Five Of The Most Fit Cities In The U.S.

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