Lil Kim Releases Unphotoshopped Pics Of Her Booty [PICS]After some unflattering pics of Lil Kim's butt hit the web, she's released some of pics of what she says her booty REALLY looks like! See the pics...
Twitter Beef T-Shirts For Sale [PICS]One shirt says, "I Own Your Child!!!!" and the other says, "You Let A Stripper Trap You."
Kanye West Goes In On Wiz Khalifa! [Pics]***UPDATE*** KANYE JUST DELETED ALL HIS TWEETS! Well 50 Cent and Meek can take a break for a minute, because the newest beef is between Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa!
Amy Schumer Upset Over This Tweet [PIC]If you've seen Amy Schumer's comedy, seen her movie Trainwreck or seen her do an interview, you without a doubt know one thing about her, and it's that she portrays herself as "loose."
Kanye Previews Music From Upcoming AlbumKanye tweeted details for his upcoming album "Swish" and it looks like it'll be coming out February 11th, 2016 which means we are less than a month away from new Kanye music.
Timbaland Drops Unreleased Aaliyah Track. Hear 'Shakin' [AUDIO]Timbaland dropped an unreleased Aaliyah track! Hear her song “Shakin”....
Oops! Amber Rose Accidentally Gave Her Phone Number To EVERYBODY!Amber Rose meant to send a direct message to somebody on Twitter with her phone number but she accidentally posted it for EVERYBODY! Her phone immediately started blowing up with people calling her! See her tweet...
See What Nicki Minaj Said To A Hater Who Said That She Was Only Famous Because Of Her Butt! [PICS]When this person told Nicki Minaj that she was only famous because of her big butt, she went off! See what she said...
People Are Not Happy About This Picture Of Kylie Jenner
Guys Trolls Kim K, Calls Her 'Fat B-Word,' See What She Replied To HimAfter seeing Kim Kardashian eating churros and beignets on Keeping Up With The Kardashians last night, a Twitter user called Kim a "fat b-word"! See her one-word reply to the guy...
Adele's Bodyguard Is Hot [PIC]
Justin Bieber Cancels Shows Because He's Too Emotional

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