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Apple Mistakenly Sends Out iPhone 6 Prototype To Customer In US!

If you got a new iPhone 6, double check that the company didn’t accidentally send you a prototype phone because they are worth some SERIOUS CASH right now! See how much this one is going for…

102.5 KSFM–10/06/2014

A screen projects the Apple logo ahead o

New iPad Is Here

Gadget geeks rejoice! Today Apple unveiled its high-definition “New iPad” complete with some new upgrades of course…


Governor Confiscates 48,000 Cell Phones!

Oh No! But Verizon is finally getting the iPhone on Feb. 10th!


Verizon is getting the iPhone

Park it, AT&T! There’s a new tech giant in town. AT&T’s days of being the exclusive carrier of Apple’s sought after iPhone are ovah! Beginning in January, the catchy device will also be available for […]