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Man Drives Motorized Hospital Bed Through McDonalds Drive Thru [VIDEO]This guy wasn't get a small detail like being face-down in a hospital bed stop him from getting his grub on! He drove the gurney through the drive thru at McDonalds! Check out the video...
THIS Is Why We Love Animals! [PICS AND VIDEO]Animals are amazing and here some videos and pics to prove it! Check out a bear rescuing a drowning bird, a pitbull kissing a giggling baby and some ants with something to say!
Mother Nature Hates These People's #Selfies [VIDEO]These folks may have thought that they were going to get a great selfie for everybody to click "LIKE" on, but Mother Nature wasn't about to let that happen! LOL! Check out these selfie #fails....
Girl After Surgery Thinks She's A NASCAR Driver [Video]
Flying Kittens Vs Flying Puppies [Video]
Pee On Police Car Prank [Video]
Sugabear's Friday Funny
[Video] Hump Day Humor
Babies Escaping From Cribs Compilation [Video]
Sophia Grace & Rosie Perform "Thrift Shop" On Ellen
Conan O'Brien at White House Correspondents' Dinner [Video]
SNL's Kate McKinnon As Ellen DeGeneres [Video]
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